December 8, 2023

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Help, We Can’t Lit Fire in Okpoama Again Over Gas Leakage

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An Okpoama Chief and Head of Personnel Management in the Kaiko/Ibeawo Development Centre of Bayelsa State, Chief Anthony Beredugo has raised the alarm over threats to lives and property of Okpoama people as a result of gas leakage in a facility belonging to the NPDC.

The leakage was said to have started about two weeks ago from the oil well situated in OML 66, known as Kurogbagba 1. Beredugo told TNN over the telephone on Thursday that the incident has forced the community dwellers to flee the area.

The HPM said the rural dwellers were finding it difficult to cook or lit fire anywhere in the village, as it could lead to a more serious damage. He said the attention of the federal government has been drawn to the development.

He said there was an urgent for the NPDC, owners of the well, to hasten and stop the leakage, as any delay could set the entire town ablaze.

“I got a call from somebody in Lagos about two weeks ago, who told me about the leakage. We had to trace the well and discovered that it was actually leaking. It is very dangerous. We are writing to the federal government.

“Those who live in that area have been forced to flee. Their life is at risk because you know how inflammatory gas can be. We need help. The people need to be assisted with palliatives. Government should urgently come to our aid,” the chief said.


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