December 4, 2022

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Day Ibiyeomie Cursed Policemen, Their Family Over Bribe

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It was on the last day of the five days religious crusade organised by Salvation Ministries, tagged Glory Reign, which held in Port Harcourt, but viewed across the world via the satellite.

General Overseer of the church, Pastor David Ibiyeomie was visibly angry and did not hide it. He was irked at the activities of yahoo boys who are known for defrauding people through all kinds of antics.

The anger wasn’t just with the internet fraudsters, Ibeyeomie was also very bitter with policemen who would take bribe from the fraudsters and allow them to go with their loot. So, he rained curses, not just on the fraudsters but more so on policemen and their families.

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Hear him:

“You can’t be defrauding people everyday, stop. Listen, I’m a man of God, stop, you kill people every day when you yahoo somebody, its stealing. Don’t coat it anyhow, it’s stealing. Most people, all their retirement benefits, you take it from them and the people die, I curse it in the name of Jesus.

“ Listen, stop, stop! It does not bring a good name to Nigeria; stop, if you’re in this church stop. It’s a demonic, satanic way of getting money. Which kind of nonsense money is that? You are a thief, no matter how you colourize it, you’re a thief, you love stealing, okay, is it your money? I curse the root of it.

Stop. That’s not the kind of money we are talking about, stop that nonsense. Do you know how many people you’ve killed? Scam kills people, some people the whole of their retirement benefits, you now scam them and say you’re buying car. What nonsense, you’ll get accident with that car.

“Stop that nonsense, you’re a child of God. Don’t take that kind of money, that’s blood money. What kind of money is that? Stop it, you’re a child of God.

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“Whichever way you paint it, you’re a thief. What dignity does a thief? Now, all people doing yahoo, stop giving them chieftaincy title, they are thieves. Why will you give a yahoo person chieftaincy title? He’s a thief, deal with him as an armed robber, when you see them, oh boy stop posing, you know say you be thief.


“You see, you stole from somebody na, okay what do you call somebody who stole from somebody, what is he? He’s a thief na. What are you talking?


Yahoo is stealing, don’t say it’s yahoo, its stealing. Stealing is stealing, Onye-Oshi! And these days even church people are doing yahoo. Young boys will not work, will not do anything, they sit on top laptop, send you message, you have just won, and some of you too, how can somebody say bring me your bank details, you send. Are you okay in your head?”

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Then to victims of internet fraud, he said: “You too, you love money oooh! Somebody will tell you bring your bank details, he will pay you N800,000. What did you do?”


Then he faced the police: “Yahoo, what is the real name sef? Some call it yahoo, yahoo is email, it’s fraud, internet fraud must stop in Nigeria, internet fraud must stop. And police, all those yahoo boys, jail them, arrest them, if you take bribe from yahoo boys, the policeman, that money will kill you.mThat blood money that you take will kill you. You know why? They stole from somebody who died, you now collect the money and released him, you and your family die with it.

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“Police, stop taking that kind of money, don’t.  Arrest them, jail them, it’s a blood money. You know people who have died because of scam, some people, the whole of their pension, they wipe, stop it oooh, if you’re in this service now, let today be the last day, resign from yahoo, resign from internet fraud, resign! You’re hearing me oooh, even if you run away, from tomorrow it will still follow you. You say I no go come tomorrow, this prayer I prayed will follow you. Even if you go to another man of God, it will not work. The prayer I prayed is irreversible, irrevocable in the name of Jesus.

And listen, listen, listen too, this thing you’re doing kpofire, stop it, you know why? Children are getting sick anyhow, you do your nose its black, what kind of money are you looking for that is killing people? Stop it, stop that illegal bunkering, stop, stop. People, children will be breathing high, breathing like this, most children who are breathing, it’s not any asthma, it’s this their nonsense kpofire, you do your nose, you’re bringing black, stop ooh! If not tomorrow (sighs). Church must stop looking for dirty money, that’s not the way to get money.”

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