December 4, 2023

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Victim Describes Accident In A’Ibom As Mysterious

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 Edith CHUKU


One of the victims of the motor accident that happened around five in the evening, at Ikot Ekpene in Akwa Ibom State, on Wednesday, has described the incident as mysterious.


Mr. James Nice, a native of Okirika, Rivers State, who said he was returning from a business trip when the accident happened, told TNN in an exclusive interview that he was shocked to have made it out of the vehicle, uninjured.


Nice narrated that while the vehicle was summersaulting, he concluded within himself that they were all dead, until they came out of the car.


He said “my dear, I don’t know how it was possible that we were unharmed because at that point, we were dead; we felt like we were gone, truly. It was all God. For me, it’s a miracle.

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“We went for a business trip, we concluded and we were coming back. All I could remember is that we were coming back, the road was not bad, had no gallops, no motor was coming to say we were dodging a car, no.


“Again, we were just on 60 kilometre per hour; that wasn’t on speed, all of a sudden, we just started driving into the bush, the vehicle left the road and dashed into the bush and it kept going. At that point, I could not remember anything.


“All of a sudden, the car started tumbling, it kept tumbling, it knocked down and scattered one church’s signpost but it didn’t stop. The vehicle scattered the signpost, yet continued tumbling, until we entered far inside the bus.”

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Nice said when the vehicle finally stopped, “the car was upside down, the tyres of the motor were up, our heads were down. We were three inside the vehicle; the driver, one man in front, while I was at the back seat, alone.


“It was shocking. In fact, I am still very much astonished, but at a point I believed we are still alive, we didn’t pass on. I was the one with less injury. Those other ones were stuck because of the way they were folded with the seat belt, so they can’t even help themselves. I was smashing the door glass until it got shattered, I then passed through the window, came out and started helping the others.


“The person at the front seat was trapped, the car fell on his hand, there was no way we could pull him out, but fortunately, while we were struggling to lift the car, thank God the villagers rushed out in their numbers to our rescue, they helped us lift the vehicle and he came out. We were immediately rushed to general hospital, Uyo, for treatment, after treatment, we left the hospital, in the morning of the next day, being Thursday, we came back to Port Harcourt.”

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Reacting to what could have possibly led to the accident, he said, “the driver didn’t sleep off, I am very sure of that. That was a manipulation, it’s not ordinary because the only thing we ate was garri, we left in the morning, we just branched when we got to Uyo, we ate and took a sachet of pure water, none of us took mineral not even Maltina, we didn’t take mineral not to talk of alcohol, it was a sachet of pure water that three of us took. So it wasn’t sleep, it wasn’t drunkenness. We were three in the vehicle, two at the front, one behind and I was the one behind.”


Nice further added that, “do you know that in all those things that happened, my eye glasses did not break, even the villagers that came didn’t believe I came out of that vehicle, they were like, this guy follow inside this motorna lie, they didn’t believe me.”


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