June 13, 2024

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Ayade Is A huge Joke, Says SAN

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“He is in a position to dispense favour, so his cry is a crocodile cry.” These were the words of Mba Ukweni, SAN, while analyzing the public cry of Cross River state governor, Prof. Ben Ayade, a few days ago. He added that governor Ayade should be true to himself.

Ukweni who made the assertion in an interview with TNN said if the governor wanted to change the life of his people, he could do it immediately, no matter the economy.

He maintained that Ayade’s character did not reveal his cries which made him admit that he could not perform well with such attitude, adding that Ayade was is only crying for his ineptitude.

“No one has ill feelings against Ayade. But you cannot see somebody deceiving himself all the time in the Government House without pointing his deficiencies”, Ukweni said.

He cited how the governor went to Bakassi and Obudu local government areas to promise houses for the people, challenging them to remove him from office if he did not fulfill the promise, only for him to still renege on the promise.

The lawyer further said “the state is in worse condition than he met it and it means that he does not intend well for his people. He does not want any single establishment to function.

“Ayade wants to make everybody poor. If his immediate family, talking about his commissioners and government appointees can’t live well, why should he cry for Cross Riverians? Once you don’t have money, your dignity is off.

“He is crying that the revenue of the state is decreasing and he is making appointments of persons who are entitled to some privileges which are meant to add dignity to their offices. So if you know that your revenue is going down why not work with what you have?”

Ukweni lamented that there was no sign to show that the governor would do better than he was doing, adding: “He never planned to succeed from the beginning of his administration. He shouldn’t expect to succeed when he never planned to succeed. It appeared that God just want to punish us for eight years”.

The legal practitioner who faulted Ayade’s announcement of employing 8, 000 people which he never did, advised the governor to stop making appointments relating to some sectors he wanted to proscribe. He urged him to relieve the revenue collectors of their duties first, if he really wanted the anti-tax agency to function effectively.

He further recounted his ordeal at the executive council chambers of the government house and how the facilities at the government house have all collapsed.

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