December 2, 2023

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APC Spokesman Rallies Support For Tinubu

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Director of Media and Publicity of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Council in the South South Zone, Mr. Emmanuel Enang has urged the people of the zone to rally massive support for the party in the forthcoming elections stating that its Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has a concrete plan to fix the region’s development gaps.



Enang said a dispassionate assessment of the plans of the major gladiators in the forthcoming elections reveal that the Tinubu’s template for the region’s development was outstanding.



The APC chieftain who was speaking in Calabar shortly after the Presidential Campaign rally in Calabar remarked that other candidates paraded a ‘watery’ presentation of what they intended for the zone, arguing that they had ignored some fundamental aspects of the region’s development.



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He said “take for instance the PDP Candidate who continues to emphasize the privatisation of refineries as a critical source of revenue but has failed to look at the implications for the employment and development needs of the people.”




He contended that rather than think of the people who would suffer job losses and the continuous effect of exploration activities, with a view to addressing them, the PDP was only interested in what would be the revenue from the sale of those refineries.





Enang who also the National Coordinator of the Neighbourhood Watch,a socio-political group of the APC, hinted that at different fora, Asiwaju Tinubu has demonstrated that he has a good knowledge of the plight of the Niger Delta nay South South people and has a plan to assuage them.




“Asiwaju has a plan to reinvigorate efforts of the Buhari administration to maximise the Oil and Gas sector, create more opportunities for the people of the region, prioritise the development of the area especially oil bearing and oil producing communities, prevent further exposure of such communities to the volatile petroleum economy and exploration activities.”



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He also noted that the idea of promoting non-oil exports by the APC candidate was to check the burning trend of terrible occurrences, losses and diseases occasioned by oil exploration activities in the area.




He said Tinubu also parades a comprehensive master plan for fixing the development demands of the Niger Delta by reinvigorating the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC and make it serve its main purpose and functions as originally intended.





He stated that by the planned opening up of the waterfronts and coastal areas, Tinubu would have created enormous opportunities for economic growth and development of the region.



According to him, “the evacuation corridors would create and become greater hubs for export and import trade thereby boosting economic growth and development.”


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On Youth Empowerment and other Social Safety nets, Enang remarked that a new paradigm was in the offing to guarantee gainful opportunities for the teeming youthful population especially in ICT development among others.




“The youthful population of the zone would have to redirect their energies into the productive economy of the ICT where hubs are established for gainful opportunities. This is as the women, children, the vulnerable and aged would enjoy a special care and provision from the government of the APC in continuation of the Buhari social safety nets,” he said.

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