December 9, 2023

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Amaechi’s Ally: Finebone, Other APC Defectors Shameless, Hungry

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Chief Eze Chukwuemeka, an ally of the former minister of transportation, Chibuike Amaechi has described those who have defected from the APC in Rivers State in recent times, as a bunch of shameless people.


Eze was responding to questions from TNN on the defection of the spokesman of the party, Chris Finebone, to the PDP. He told TNN in response to a question that “Finebone is a matured adult and has stated that Sim Fubara, the PDP gubernatorial candidate is his brother and wants to support him.


“He has all right to do what he has done and it makes no sense to me. I wonder why people are troubled by such an inconsequential development. Apart from speaking for APC and enjoying all that his efforts may have brought to him, what other rewards has he brought to the party?

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“I must confess that he was good at his office no doubt about that but the fact remains that most of us don’t have enough shame. This was a man who attributed to Gov Nyesom Wike the recent outbreak of measles in the state and has called Wike all sort of names and today dining with him just because of hunger or for any other reason he may give.


“I must also confess that Gov Nyesom Wike is a man. I wonder which other person will tolerate and accommodate all those who abused and insulted him to the high heavens and ran back to him for succour and he will readily accept them back as prodigal sons without shame. Na wao o. God help us to have shame and dignity in most of our dealings in life

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“I have serious issues to attend to than be disturbed by such an issue like Finebone defecting to PDP and if I may ask who in his right sense or senses will like to associate himself or herself with Governor Nyesom Wike at this period when many of the stakeholders and key Actors within PDP are leaving him in droves if not for inability to handle hunger


“It has been my position all these years that the problem with the Rivers State APC is nothing but the too much ingrates and unnecessary crowd claiming to be members of the party but are just moles spying for PDP and Governor Wike.

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Go and read what Senator Magnus Abe said about Finebone and ignore him defecting to PDP as a non- issue.”

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