March 5, 2024

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12-Year-Old Aims To Produce Electric Car

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12-year-old Nathaniel Abbey from Rivers State has said that his dream is to invent an electric car, a jet pack, electricity generating fan, an unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft, drone, among others in Nigeria.
Nathaniel, a student of craft center, Rivers State, spoke with TNN last weekend while attempting to make his locally constructed drone fly.
According to the lad, “my dream is to become an electrical engineer. I have passion to use my brain and produce things that will benefit our country, Nigeria.
“I have been in craft center for one year, after here I will go to higher institution. I want to produce many things that will be useful, like electric car, drone that can make a human being fly, this type that you can wear on your body and fly, boot that can make you walk many times faster than a human being, a fan that can generate electricity to the whole of a community.
“My passion is from God, I am always very happy doing this, I can save everything and not even eat until I can buy the things I need to produce anything I want to do. I love this gift God gave me and I want to use it well.”
Displaying what he used to construct the drone, he said “this drone, first, you need to buy a DVD engine, they normally remove it from DVD, without this engine DVD cannot play songs. It is called motor, you need four to do the drone, when you buy it, you use super glue to super glue it to this foam, leather, also cut carton and gum it to cover the top of the leather.
“Open four holes through the carton to the leather to connect the wires, negative to negative, positive to positive, then you need zinc, carve it to this size, open little hole in the middle of the zinc and fix it into the DVD engine mouth, then you get your battery, this battery is from power bank, it’s power bank battery, I bought them with my money, I saved money to buy it, so you connect the wire to the battery and see, it will start working.


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“My parents have always supported me, it’s the money they dash me that I save to buy these things. Also, my school, my neighbours, friends. I will not stop till I give my best.
“I want Nigeria to be like other big countries, to have things that will make people come here, the way they go to abroad. So, I will by God’s grace use my brain with what I read from my engineering book to produce electric car, and many, many things.”
Nathaniel who resides with his parents in Eneka community in Obio/Akpor local government encouraged other talented children to continue with what they are passionate about.
“I will tell them to continue, God will bring someone to help them, just as I believe that he will bless my parents so they will help me achieve my dream and bring people that will support me. I did this from my brain, there is nothing mechanical in my book except the engineering book I bought in mile one by myself, that’s the one I’m using, I use to collect some things from the book and some from my brain. I believe that if you believe you can do it, you can do anything.”

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