December 8, 2023

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Tension As Robbers Invade Rivers Varsity Female Hostel, Rape, injure Students

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It was indeed a black Thursday at the Rivers State University, following a robbery attack in one of the female hotels of the institution.


Students have expressed great fear over the incident, with many deserting the school premises back to their homes.


TNN gathered that some female students were raped, while some others incurred severe knife injuries from the robbers.


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The incident which resulted to a protest was said to have occurred around 2am, on Thursday.


A female student who gave her name simply as Samara, in an exclusive interview with TNN shortly after the protest, explained that, “at exactly 2am this morning being 24th, August, 2023, robbers broke into Hostel D through one of the laundries and got access into the hostel.


“Everyone on the last floor of the hostel was robbed, raped, molested while others were cut with knife on the leg. Also, a girl was cut on the breast.”


Samara noted that the robbers were heavily armed. According to her, “The robbers were armed, they came in with guns, knives and machetes.”



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She faulted the university security team for allegedly not responding swiftly when they were alerted. “At the time this incident was happening we tried alerting the security but they couldn’t come out on time to do something, the only thing they know how to do is to complain about students dressing and style of hair but when it comes to situation like this, they don’t make any move.”


The RSU female student complained that, “This is not the first time we are passing through situations like this, it keeps on happening over and over and the school is not doing anything when it comes to situation like this.


“The school is supposed to handle this issue for the sake of our safety and why it was annoying is because it’s not the first time it’s happening in the hostel. The other time a boy broke into the room opposite mine through the window with machete and stole four phones from the room in same hostel D.”



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