July 19, 2024

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On New Year Day, Egbona Sets Peace Agenda for Constituents, Warns Against Electoral Violence

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Dr Alex Egbona, the House of Representatives member from Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency of Cross River State has expressed appreciation to his constituents for their support since after his election.



He has also urged them to avoid politics of violence ahead of the 2023 elections, even as he warned that nobody should hurt a fly for his sake, in the course of campaigns.





He said these in a special New Year message to the people of the constituency.

Below is the message:

Today, God has opened a fresh chapter for us. We are among the privileged lot to see the beginning of the year 2023. And because we have seen the beginning of the year, we shall see the end of it in good health.


I am grateful to God that you are alive to behold the glorious dawn of a new day, a new month and a brand new year. It is my prayer that all the goals you have set for yourself this year shall be met.


This year is particularly important for all Nigerians. It is that year we have been waiting for-the year that we will have the opportunity to go back to the polls to elect the people we believe have what it takes to lead us at all levels in political leadership.



In the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency, even if you have not been at home in the last four years, you must have heard of the modest development projects and people-oriented empowerment programmes that God used me to attract to this constituency.


You must have seen or heard of the Federal Polytechnic, Ugep, the renovated health centre at Ngarabe, the various borehole projects scattered in various parts of Abi/Yakurr, the street lights which have boosted the night life of our people, the school buildings which were either newly built or rehabilitated and in other places furnished with desks and computer facilities.


You must have heard of or seen the first of its kind liaison office at Ugep, the massive empowerment programme that has never been heard of in the history of our constituency, where people got all kinds of machines to start their businesses, as well as the various training programmes which our people benefitted from. You must have heard of the various bills and motions which I sponsored as your representative in the National Assembly, in just a little more than three years.


My fellow constituents, you must have heard of or seen all projects targeted at making life much better for our people. Some have been completed and are in use, others are a work in progress, including the college of agriculture where our children will either study or be gainfully employed. There are many more that I cannot talk about here and now.



While it is true that we have not had it this good before, I can beat my chest and say that you have not seen anything yet. The next phase of this journey promises to come with many more projects and programmes. This year will afford you the opportunity to decide whether you want to continue with the good life you have experienced in the last about four years or whether you will prefer to go back to Egypt.


In the next two months or so, we will go to the ballot. As you already know, I am seeking a return mandate to the House of Representatives so that I can continue from where I will stop and serve you selflessly and sacrificially. I am seeking your votes under the banner of the APC.


The first step is for you to make sure you have collected your PVC. And then on the Election Day, the next thing will be for you to vote for the APC. With that vote, I will return to the House of Representatives and you will continue to smile.


Like I have said before, I will prefer to lose that election than to hear that you engaged in a violent activity because you were trying to fight for my re-election. Again, let me sound this note of warning, that nobody should hurt, beat or kill another person in the course of campaigning for me. I am a man of peace and will never support any act of violence.


Throughout this year and thereafter, let all your actions be guided by one thing- peace. Let us live in peace in our homes. Let peace guide us in our families. In this constituency, let us do everything peacefully. I assure you, we will achieve more through peaceful means.


On this New Year day, let me sincerely thank you for the support, cooperation, partnership, physical and spiritual support I have enjoyed since you elected me into the National Assembly. I do not take your support for granted. In fact, I make bold to say that those silent prayers, those words of counsel, those calls and text messages through which you advise me on what to do and what not to do, have been very helpful. Thank you very much indeed.



As we savour aroma of the new year, I urge you not to relent in well doing. Please, continue to place this constituency above all other considerations. Think of what you can do to add value to this constituency at all times. In all that you will do this year, may God guide and direct you on the path of peace, development and progress.
May God’s unfailing love shine like the star wherever you may be, all through this year. May you always make decisions that will bring joy to the people of this constituency.


May you not, for whatever reason, do anything that will take us back to those days of deprivation and poor representation.


With God on our side, we will nothing can stop us.

Happy New Year.

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