December 8, 2023

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Experts Warn Against Abuse Of Malaria Drugs

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Godwin AJOM, Calabar



Medical experts have issued a warning on the dire consequences of malaria drugs abuse. They believe that it is still possible for Nigerians to overcome malaria attacks without abusing malaria drugs.
In separate interviews, a pharmacist, Gideon Oko and a public health specialist, Dr Lucy Chikere spoke on the issue. For example, Gideon said “I have had cause to caution several clients strictly, it is sad that someone will wake up, walk to a pharmacy or medicine shop, get malaria drugs and take without prescription or medical guidance.



“We ought to know better that our lives are set in dangerous paths if such behaviours aren’t put off. Other countries are making progress against malaria. Look at the world record on malaria, you will see that Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe have reported zero malaria deaths since 2018 till now, but these efforts aren’t just institutions, it has to do with individuals, take it personal to stay malaria free.


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“If we don’t take precautionary measures, we will crash because malaria I know is one of the deadliest global health issues that is taken so lightly. The solution is, don’t take any malaria drug without a doctor or pharmacist’s prescription.”
On her part, Chikere explained some of the dangers of malaria drug abuse warning that good health lost is detrimental.



“It is a dangerous practice to abuse malaria drugs: first it can cause death because once the drugs are taken inappropriately, whatever repercussions that will follow the side effects lead to death.
“Malaria drug abuse causes a wide range of drug resistance which is very bad; drug resistance causes delay in malaria treatment and palaces patients at high risk. Also the discomfort that the patients will face is even enough harm already because it can lead to some internal disorder.


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“Incidentally, the 2021 world Malaria report indicates that out of the 96 per cent of global Malaria deaths, Nigeria is among the 6 countries of the world that constitute half of the global 96 per cent deaths, owning about 27 per cent deaths from malaria alone and from Nigeria alone.”


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