September 27, 2023

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Egbona: Through Oversight Functions, We’ll Take Steps to Revitalise healthcare delivery in Nigeria

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Newly appointed chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Specialty Healthcare Services, Dr Alex Egbona, on Friday promised to work with members of his committee and other colleagues in the lower arm of the National Assembly towards revitalising public healthcare service in the country.

In his first public statement after the announcement of new committees by the speaker, Tajudeen Abbas, Egbona said his committee was one of the new ones created by the leadership of the House to serve the country better.

He said there was an urgent need for the federal government to address the healthcare service delivery needs of the country and mulled the idea of the declaration of emergency in the public health care service delivery sector.

According to him, “our committee will work with all relevant stakeholders to achieve results in the health sector. From primary to tertiary health care service providers, we will need everyone to make this happen.

“When you go to the rural communities, you will appreciate why Mr Speaker has thought of giving a special attention to issues of healthcare through the creation of this new committee, so that we can give legislative support to federal government’s plans in this direction.

“We need to give adequate and deliberate attention to health service issues. And through oversight activities, we will compel public health care givers to sit up. We will breathe on the neck of the care givers and make sure they do what is right.”

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