June 13, 2024

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C’River Assembly Seeks Compensation From FG Over Bakassi

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The Cross River State House of Assembly has called on the federal government to adequately compensate the state, following the ceding of Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon and the consequent loss of oil revenue.
The assembly took the position following a motion by Ekpo Ekpo Bassey, representing Bakassi in the House. Ekpo urged the federal government to take responsibility and consequences of the ceding of Bakassi to neighbouring country stressing that federal government should do the needful to reduce the suffering that follows the ceding.
“We have gone so far in seeking for political solution in solving the issue of Bakassi. What has happened to us needs political solution, Bakassi should be provided adequate compensation so that the state will be in peace, we should go on a protest from the state to Abuja and adopt political solution so that this problem will not continue,” he said.
Reacting to the motion, Godwin Akwaji who represents Odukpani Constituency decried the condition of the people, urging the federal government to intervene on their behalf, as a great injustice had been done to Bakassi and the state.
“I was a one- time military officer in that area, I know what the people are passing through. We need more money, we need basic infrastructure, the people were forced out of their ancestral homes and so need help.”
Meanwhile, speaker of the assembly, Eteng Williams has said it was time for the state to reflect on what belonged to her that was taken away and given the neighbouring state and country.
“It is sad, it is time to reflect. What belong to us has been taken from us to neighbouring state and country. What comes to Cross River State is little; the little we had was taken to a state that had more. The federal government should do the needful.”

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