July 25, 2021

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Women Rally, Cleanse Community Of Demonic Operations

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Hundreds of Women from the eleven communities in Eneka clan of the Obio/Akpor Local government area have concluded their three days spiritual exercise to cleanse the community of what they described as demonic operations.
Women from the Rivers Community held a three days fasting and prayer rally, sweeping and gathering dirt from every part of the clan which was burnt alongside the brooms on the third day, in front of the Eneka civic centre.
Led by the president of Eneka women who alsodoubles as the PDP women leader, Mrs. Chisa Nathan Ejekwe, the women moved round the community with newly purchased brooms and bags, singing and praying for the whole of the three days.
Speaking with TNN during the exercise, the women leader said that the exercise was necessitated by a revelation. She noted that the need to sanitize the community was because of the incessant death and negligence of government towards the basic needs of the people.
According to her; “we embarked on this spiritual exercise because we were told to sanitize Eneka; so we instructed the women of Eneka to buy brooms. We prayed for three days, we walked round the whole community, everywhere that concerns Eneka in the eleven communities. So, this last day which is the third day, we gathered and burnt all the brooms and the things we swept out.
“The reason is to sweep off everything that has been blocking and preventing good things from coming to Eneka because I don’t know what is happening, no progress, nobody is remembering us, we have tried yet no body, no development, no progress, nothing. But we prayed and believed that because we women, mothers, grandmothers have marched round by faith, Eneka will surely experience change.
“Before God reveals, he always made preparations that once you obey, this is what will happen. So we believe that by obeying, Eneka will start experiencing tremendous things in terms of progress, development, appointments, constructions and so on, including more of marriages and ownership of property, God that revealed will give us results.”
She also applauded the women for keying into the revelation and coming to rewrite the evil writings against the community.
Meanwhile the Chief Security Officer of Eneka clan, Oscar C. Wali has condemned the recent robbery incident that took place during the weekend along Court five of Eneka Pipeline.
Wali who spoke in an interview with TNN in his office expressed shock and bitterness over the incessant threat to the lives and property of residents of Eneka.
He said: “I am very disappointed, this is very sad, Jesus Christ, I thought these issues are long gone considering how much we have done and will continue to do to clear hoodlums from this community.
“This one is even devastating; they tore the window net and entered a struggling widow’s house without sympathy, entered and took all their phones and bags. In as much as no life was lost, there was no physical attack on her and her children, I still want to say that those boys did evil and the God of this widow will not let them go unpunished.”
Wali also emphasized the need for residents to be security conscious and report every suspicious movement. “We have to be very much alert and conscious, since they don’t have human sympathy, we have to be ready to give them up, any suspicious movement, you report.
“Before they attacked today (Friday), I’m sure they took their time to weigh the environment. I have given out my numbers, they are everywhere, in the first market roundabout security numbers are boldly displayed in that signpost, please don’t endure this, report, raise alarm, you have not committed any crime residing in Eneka.”
He added that apart from raising the alarm, residents should put protectors in their window as the criminals were able to enter the house through the widow because there was no protector and the window glass was not locked.

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