March 5, 2024

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Wike Hates Kalabari People -Asari

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Recently, you were in Kula Kingdom, where OML25 was re-opened, and then just yesterday the Rivers State government called for OML25 stakeholders meeting outside all the other stakeholders who were at the reopening. What’s your reaction to that sir?
I think there is something wrong with Wike as governor of Rivers State and people should tell him, there is something wrong with him. He shouldn’t toy with the destiny of the people. What he cannot do, there are certain things he cannot do and nobody is going to allow him to mess around with our people. According to the laws of the land, petroleum production is going to the government of the Nigerian state. He has no power, he has nothing, he can only come in to make suggestions and express some views on what is happening. What he is doing is to cause confusion; what he’s doing is to divide and rule, it’s not his business. He hates Kalabari people, that’s the truth. I’ve been talking of Trans-Kalabari road, connecting Port Harcourt to old Bakana, old Bakana to Bakana, Bakana to Tombia, Tombia to Muguma, Muguma to Buguma and from there connecting from Abonema to Krakrama. That’s what we have been talking about. He is building how many bridges in Port Harcourt for how many billions, in Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor that produces nothing. His deputy governor is from our place, from Ogbama. Come and see the secondary school there, we have been talking, we have been crying. I have personally met him on several occasions; he said go and bring bill of quantity, we have done it, for many years. Four years have passed, that’s the deputy governor’s place. This one, he cannot do anything. OML25 will produce. We stakeholders, we Kalabari people have a way of resolving our crisis, we will go to Kula, we will sit down and resolve. But whatever meddlesomeness that Wike is bringing will fail. He has no such powers and he cannot exercise such powers in Kalabari land. It’s impossible and we will not allow him do it.

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