February 24, 2024

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Wicked Mother From Hell! PH Residents Curse Mum Who Dumped Twin Babies In A Gutter

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Residents of Elikpokwodu Community in Rukpokwu of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Rivers State were thrown into a state of unrecoverable shock when they woke up to behold the dreadful sight of twin babies thrown into a gutter in the area.
The sympathetic incident which was discovered in the early hours of Monday, January 20, drew pity from natives in and outside the community. The heartbreaking sight prompted residents to rain curses on the unknown mother of the dead twins, while others expressed concern, wondering what state the woman was in.
Speaking with TNN, a woman who gave her name as Mrs. Charity Manuyewho condemned the act, according to her, “ my sister this one na evil, big evil, God no go forgive who do this thing, the person go suffer, chai! People dey fin children here and there, some go church, others even visit native doctor, na em person carry the one wey God give am kill and throw way like this.”
She lamented further: “Jesus, eh no go better for am. See fin innocent children, see fin children, no be one, two, children wey you carry for belly reach eight to nine months, na em you throw way because this children no be six or seven months children, look am na, see, eight or nine months, e no for better where you sell am give people wey need pikin than to do this one?”
“This one fear me, I no sure say I go fit eat today, chai, cool dey catch me, even my children, if I flog them, na me too dey tell them sorry because my mind no dey gree me but see watin woman do em own pikin, madam I no talk again.”
Also, a shop owner who gave his name as simply, Mr. Chinedu said, “ My dear, this is indeed a very bad, In fact, devilish thing that must be condemned but even while we are shouting we should also consider that the mother of these children might also be in danger, she might even be dead. If you look at it, these children are covered with blood, this thing that comes out of a woman who is putting to bed is there inside the guitar, so we should pray that the woman is alive.
“I am saying this because abortion is rampant, so I’m wondering, how can someone carry these children till this time and do this to them, dump them inside gutter.”
While mixed reaction continued to trail the unpleasant incident, an elder statesman, Chief Livinus Agbovu called on security authorities to investigate the matter. According to him, “This is a very, very distressful incident, I condemn it in totality, before God and man. this is evil, who ever did this is not a human being, for such a person to have such heart, he or she is not a human being.
“The security authorities should investigate and inform us of the true story because all we are doing right now is to condemn based on what we are seeing, they shouldn’t let this matter go like that, it is detrimental to the people and community, they should investigate.”
Agbovu also encouraged the engagement of the youths in the area for community policing, “This is one among the reasons why we should engage our youths in community watch, they discover and report to the police, someone can come from a far place and do this, assuming we had men on guard, keeping watch the person wouldn’t have dump these innocent children or he or she would have been apprehended.”

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