June 13, 2024

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Why I Aspire To Lead Rivers Varsity Alumni

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Crown Prince Anyanate Kio is a man of many parts. Currently the executive coordinator, Niger Delta: Wisdom To Wealth Foundation, organisers of Divine ICON Inspirational Music Talent Hunt for the past seven consecutive years, Kio is one of the candidates vying for the position of the national president Of Rivers State University Alumni Association, a group he has served in several capacities.
The pastor and leadership coach spoke with EDITH CHUKU on his ambition and intentions..
You are vying for the position of the National President of Rivers State University Alumni Association.
Yes, I am. I am one and indeed the most visible contender for the post of RSU Alumni National President
How ready are you, now that the election is quite near?
I have always known that this day will come and so I have been preparing both on my knees and works by God’s grace.
While growing up, we were told that the reason parents engage one particular child in numerous errands is not out of hatred but because of that child’s dedication, honesty, and ability to do things rightly and timely. I am passionate about service to God and humanity. It’s not all about my readiness, preparation but also what the people wants and who they want.
I am only a servant, called to serve. Talking about readiness, I am just optimistic, believing in the trust vested in me by members of this great association
Also, for the confidence reposed in me, I count this as an opportunity, a privilege and I owe it all to those who believe in me and see my little best as something much more. The confidence reposed in me in the nucleus towards the “the Trust Mandate” as the capacity National President is the miracle behind my readiness to victory in the forth coming elections. This is why I run the Consolidation 2020; Crown Prince Kio Campaign Organisation with the slogan, Consolidation 2020: … the trust mandate
You have served in several capacities, what propelled you to join the race for the National President of Rivers State University Alumni Association?
Well, I wasn’t forced; I am in this race because of my unwavering passion to serve. Like you rightly stated, I have served in different capacities, including the state branch of the Rivers State University Alumni Association. I am passionate about our course, our identity and the very reasons behind the establishment of alumni associations. I have the drive, experience and will for continuity and quality representation. Good followership are just a few among the reasons for vying for this position. The people whose interest I am to represent charged me to take further step by contesting for this, believing that with their support and mandate, we will win.
I am a servant. When people build confidence in you, feel secured and duly represented, believe in you and support you, you should take every step that will make their dreams come through.
I was propelled by their support, followership, those who are satisfied, have trust and believe in my God given ability to serve, put my wealth of experience to work and not disappoint them.
The reward for good work, job well done is more work. I have this hunger, passion, desire to serve, affect people’s lives positively, impact and spur them into profitable ventures, as long as humanity is concerned. Service is my drive, what I live for.
There are others in this race. What gives you an edge over them?
Everyone have their unique qualities; we all possess our traits that complements, just that one person will have to stand in the gap, while others join forces with that person, bring up their ideas for the betterment of RSUAA. We are very unique in our own different ways but one among other things that differs in some way is our vision, goals, and strategies we might be thinking for the interest and benefit of the association.
What are some of the things you intend to carry out once elected as National President of the Association
First, I would appreciate and applaud past leadership by reason of their meritorious contributions to the Rivers State Universities Alumni Association.
That RSUAA is still in existence is because of the manner at which they handled it, they could have wrecked it if they wanted to, they would have destroyed the association if they never had it’s interest at heart, they kept it going, bigger and better. Acknowledging such effort is all I can do, it’s not a witch-hunting Association. The past leaders have done their best, whoever is coming up, will do his also.
My focus is on where we are lacking and what to do to make the association much better if I am elected.
What are some of those agenda you intend bringing to the table once elected?
I have what I call Agenda 12; Dream Come True. It is a 12 Point Agenda in four different dimensions
Why 12?
Because 12 commands Government and Authority even from scriptures and numerology. Again, 12 because the alumni tenure is in 12 sections of three months Each, four quarters or sections each year in three years equals 12. My 12 point programme highlight includes membership drive, employment and empowerment, job opportunities, RSU employment quota, Rivers State Government employment, networking and relationship building, welfare of members, support & encouragement, members celebrations, birthday, wedding etc.
Is anything also significant about the 4?
Sure, every year is divided into 4 quarters or sections each quarter having three months. Our plan for this year is divided into this four, they are 12 point programme, 12 point project, 12 point strategy, 12 point quality/fruit. We will in addition listen and gather ideas from members and ensure that our presence is duly felt.

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