June 13, 2024

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Why Ex-Niger Delta Agitators Should Drive Amnesty Programme, Says Tinubu’s S/South Campaign Coordinator

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A former Niger Delta freedom fighter and South-South Coordinator of The Asiwaju Group (TAG), Pastor Reuben Wilson has underscored the need for the president, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to appoint someone who is well versed with the objectives of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, PAP, to run the agency.

Wilson who is also the founder of the Pastor Reuben Initiative for Good Leadership and Accountability (PRIFGLA), one of the groups that was involved in the mobilisation of support for the election of Tinubu, said in a statement on Sunday that the PAP had not lived to the dreams of its founders because of those driving it in recent times.

He said Tinubu should “appoint a credible and critical stakeholder in the Niger Delta struggle as coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme .

“This call is premised on the need to reposition the Presidential Amnesty Programme to actualize its original design and objectives. The programme has derailed in recent years due to the appointment of people who don’t know anything about its foundational philosophy.

“The programme has become a platform for the engagement of all sorts of people that were never part of the programme. The original beneficiaries of the programme that are officially captured are abandoned for others that are not part of the programme .

“As the immediate past president of the First Phase Leaders of the Presidential Amnesty Programme and a critical stakeholder in the Niger Delta Struggle, I’m greatly worried by the way the programme is being run in recent years.”

He said he knew so much about the programme and was worried that managers of the scheme in recent years were unable to galvanise the potentials and resources available to fix things around the scheme.

Hear him: “I was privy to the aims and objectives of the programme as conceptualized by late President Yar’Adua because I was among the first set of Ex-Niger Delta Agitators that met with him.

“I’m therefore highly concerned because the programme is not being run in accordance with its original design and the true beneficiaries have been abandoned without the necessary rehabilitation , empowerment and re-integration .

“I’m therefore , calling on Mr President to ensure that , henceforth,only credible and critical stakeholders in the Niger Delta Struggle are appointed as Coordinators of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

“The programme is very important to the sustenance of the existing peace in the Niger Delta and therefore, should never be trivialized. It’s the major reason for the existing peace in the Niger Delta.”

“I’m also using this medium to appeal to President Tinubu never to stop the Presidential Amnesty Programme until the entire captured beneficiaries are trained and empowered. Mr President should never listen to people calling for the stopping of the programme without fully actualizing its mandate, for such will cause another round of unrest in the Niger Delta region. Anyone calling for the stoppage of the programme is an enemy of his administration and the country in general.

“What is needed urgently is the appointment of a credible person that knows the fundamentals of the programme that can effectively run it in accordance with its founding principles and not stopping it without realizing its mandate.”

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