December 6, 2023

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Why Coronavirus Can’t Kill In Nigeria -Emma Isong… How He Predicted Virus Outbreak

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Celebrated Calabar pastor and General Overseer of the Christian Central Chapel International, CCCI, Bishop Emma Isong has said that God’s way of preventing the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic from hurting Nigerians was to increase the heat wave.
Isong, the national publicity secretary of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, told TNN over the telephone that God to him, and he announced on December 31 last year, that the strange virus would hit Nigeria and other parts of the world.
Last December, Isong had actually announced about the outbreak of a strange illness, even as he warned that people should be much more conscious about their sanitary condition. Isong said although his prophecy had come to pass, he was not excited that people were being killed across the world.
But he was quick to add that it would be difficult for a Nigerian to die of the pandemic. He equally said his church started preparing for the outbreak as early as January this year.
This is how the interview went:
What did you see about corona virus?
I think you remember December 31st, 2019 which was about the first day of 2020, that’s part of the prophesies I gave. Number 17 of the prophesy I gave and it is very clear in the prophesy that the flu was coming and will demand for you to have high level of hygiene and will spread through the world, and will even affect Nigeria and some countries in West Africa. The Lord promised He has covered us with His precious blood. So I think that it is very clear. Somebody came recently on media and highlighted that. It’s not because we are happy over the virus killing people; that is a very sad dimension, but it also goes to prove that God sees the future especially for those who believe Jesus is still alive, because there is a big prove that Jesus is alive and because he can reveal, foretell, foresee and forenote things that are coming. Of course himself has a solution.
How did you feel the first time you heard that there was an outbreak of Corona virus?
How did I feel?
Yes sir.
Of course, I knew. We knew, our members from CCCI and those who read my prophesy were already prepared for it. People had bought sanitizers; my driver bought it and put in the car. In our church, we placed sanitizers as early as January this year, and all entrance of the church, and we were getting ready for it and I personally went to New York in the second week of February, we were prepared; spiritually, prayerfully and medically.
We knew the prophesy, 58 prophesies God gave me, they have all come to pass. I spoke about Assemblies of God, that they should be careful that they are going to have leadership crisis, that was in the prophesy. You know me for 25 years now and my prophesies don’t fail, either of Yar’Adua or of Coronavirus or of anything. God has been very faithful to me, even though now everybody is a prophet in all nooks and crannies, people know that voices are different and people have come to believe that okay, God still speaks not to magnify any man, but I think that doubting Thomases that believe that there is nothing like God, then I ask them, if there is no God, who speaks to me and who makes them come to pass, and gives solution to those things?
So now that it is like this, where do we go from here, what is the way forward, how will Corona virus leave us?
There are three things I will say. Number one, maintain what they call the FIFA rules- don’t touch your face and nose and mouth with your hands. Number two, that you wash your hands, always sanitize your hands, wash your hands, and number three, keep one metre away from all physical contacts. Even when you are in church, we don’t tell people to shake your neighbour, greet your neighbour, give your neighbour high five, we have stopped that in our churches until the virus is gone. Of course, number four, try and restrict your movement, if possible restrict your movement, that doesn’t stop you from gathering in churches. Activities should go on, the beauty of Coronavirus is that it is not air borne. I hope you know that, when people say close down churches, close down markets, I say, that is more of the virus than the virus itself because in Europe, you can close down those places and people will still survive. If you close down many public places in Africa, people will die in their houses. Don’t forget also the advantage we have in Africa is that the heat, if you noticed, as soon as Coronavirus came, the heat in Nigeria and part of Africa increased. I don’t know if you have noticed it, and that was nature’s way to protect us, and he has done that because you can barely count who has died in Nigeria, the heat is so much that Coronavirus itself cannot survive because even our system here kills the virus within 10 seconds of its appearance. So that is a big miracle for us.

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