June 13, 2024

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Who will console the Okokos, Salvation Ministries?

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Is Pastor Kenebi Okoko dead? Is he still alive afterall? Clear-cut answers to these questions still appear far-fetched, following the confusion that has trailed the news of the supposed death of the billionaire businessman and philanthropist.

While there have been all kinds of posts on social media about his death and resurrection, those behind the posts do not appear to have spoken with either the family, the church or the hospital where the surgery was said to have been carried out on him.

However, TNN spoke to some family members on Wednesday afternoon. However, while we cannot say the name of the family person we spoke with because the conversation was done informally, it was confirmed that the former gubernatorial aspirant had actually passed on.

One of his close aides that TNN also spoke with even said his remains were already in the morgue and wondered why people would make unverified posts on social media.


A third person who spoke with TNN, a very close ally who is close to the Kenebi Okoko Foundation also confirmed that the man had gone.

As at Wednesday, the family was yet to make a formal statement on the matter, just as the public expects the hospital to speak.

But it has been an era of darkness in Bayelsa since Tuesday night when the news broke about the death of Okoko. Just as tears have continued to flow in Bayelsa, his church, Salvation Ministries, is also in a pensive mood


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