June 13, 2024

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What Kalu Must Do Now, says Prophet who predicted his release from prison

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Prophet Ekong Ituen, Founder/Spiritual Leader of the Christ Deliverance Ministries, the Lagos based prophet who predicted that a former governor of Abia State, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu would be released from prison has warned the former governor to be humble in the days ahead.

The prophet has also warned Kalu to seek God’s face continually, having been brought out of prison in line with the prediction that was made in December last year.

Ituen said in an online interview with TNN that the revelation about Kalu’s freedom came while he was fasting and praying ahead of the December 31 cross-over service in his church. The prediction was actually made public during the cross over service and was published by some newspapers.

Most of his predictions have always come to pass though. During the interview, Ituen said even after the court of appeal ruled against Kalu, hwe was still confident that the senator would regain his freedom.

“I wasn’t troubled because God can’t speak in error. It should be noted that every word of the Lord spoken by me are always accurate but if there is any that has not come to pass, it therefore means that the person involved has adopted the formula of Hezekiah {2Kings 20:1-6} because prophecy is a warning, a guide to life and a clue to the plan of God which can be prevented if the right steps are taken,” he stated.

He said he felt vindicated after the Supreme Court ordered Kalu’s release from prison.

Hear him: “It was a vindication of sort on my own part. I give God praise for keeping to His word through me. Senator Orji Uzor Kalu may not be a saint but let it be known to Nigerians that none is righteous except God.

“Most times God allows many things to happen for people to learn. God took him to prison to learn many things and I believe he has learnt a lot.

“I am advising him to humble himself and seek the face of God concerning his future because God has a word for him.”


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