March 1, 2024

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Vacate Government Property, Task Force Urges Illegal Occupants

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In a bid to recover all state owned properties illegally occupied by unauthorized persons, the Rivers State Task Force on Recovery of Government Property has issued a 7-day ultimatum to occupants of the State ADP Farm site at Rumuodomaya in Port Harcourt, urging them to vacate the property.
This was contained in a statement made available to TNN after the team carried out an operation to recover government property. According to the release, the occupants have already been issued a quit notice.
The statement quoted the secretary of the task force, Chief Hanny Woko, as having urged all those illegally occupying government properties to vacate within seven days.
According to him, “we will recover every inch of government land. Any government land anywhere that was illegally acquired will be recovered. Government will take back all its property. We are guided by the law.
“It is so disheartening and heartbreaking that people will move into government quarters and acquire same. Wherever government properties are located and illegally occupied, we recover same. We have given the illegal occupants seven days to vacate or be evicted.”
Woko also stated that “there will be no compensation for those who illegally took over government lands at the ADP Farm site at Rumuodomaya.
Also, the team has put up notices, warning illegal occupants to keep away from designated government properties identified during the operation, adding that it will implement its quit notice served on illegal occupants of government property at the new GRA in Port Harcourt.

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