October 1, 2023

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Tinubu to Wike: I’m Not Indebted To You

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Even with everything that Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers State did to secure victory for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu during the last general election and also impress the president-elect during his visit to his state on Wednesday, the former Lagos State governor looked at Wike in the face and told him straight that he was not indebted to him.


It is already common knowledge that Wike played a serious role in securing victory for Tinubu’s APC in Rivers State. Tinubu’s visit to the state was to commission the 12th overhead bridge constructed by Wike.


Wike had made a case for refunds as many of the bridges, especially the ones on Aba road, were supposed to be federal government projects. But a blunt Tinubu told his host that the bridges were for the benefit of his people and that Wike shouldn’t have the impression that he would make refunds when he assumes office as president.


But he was full of gratitude to Wike for ditching his party, the PDP, to support him in another political party, in his drive to ensure power shift to the south. He said Wike was a man of integrity.


With Wike’s role in the victory of Tinubu, there are permutations already that he may be considered for appointment as minister. Some have even said that the governor may be the next minister of petroleum.


But with Tinubu’s utterance on Wednesday in Port Harcourt, there are fears that Tinubu may someday look at Wike in the face and tell him that he was not indebted to him because he did what he did to ensure that the south won the election.



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