June 13, 2024

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This COVID-19 Shall Also Pass Away

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Life has not been the same for everyone across the globe for about six months now. A new cliché called “the new normal” has even been developed, meaning that we now have to accept new ways of doing things and assume same to be the normal way of life. This is courtesy of the satanic virus called COVID 19. There are those who, however, wish to call it COVID 419.

It is this virus that made TNN, for the first time in about seven years since its debut, to disappear from the streets of Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa and Cross River, since mid March this year. We had to resort to only the online edition of the newspaper because of the various challenges. We were first and foremost concerned about the welfare and health of our staff and needed to protect them from infections.

It was also necessary to shut down our corporate head office at the heat of the COVID 19 era. In Port Harcourt where we operate from, there were intermittent lock down of the economy such that it became unpredictable when the economy would be re-opened for our distributors and vendors to hit the streets to sell.

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The other concern was the people that would buy the product if we had to print. Apart from Port Harcourt, Yenagoa and Uyo also had their fair share of economy lock down. It was only wise to stay off the streets and watch as things improved.

During that period, we received myriad of calls from readers and advertisers who were concerned that TNN was still not on the streets. They obviously had missed the exclusive reports the hard copy offers every week. But we really needed to monitor the situation to know how to respond.

We have studied and are still studying the COVID 19 havoc and have decided to take steps to return the hard copy to the streets. It will be in phases, until we are certain that we can comfortably return in full.

In the meantime, we are deeply grateful to our readers and advertisers for being there. It is our desire and prayers that this pandemic will not come near you and yours. It has come and it will pass away, someday soon.

We have heard people predict that the virus has come to stay with us. But we disagree. We also do not want to agree that COVID 19 will provoke multiple deaths in the days ahead.

However, we agree that there is every need to observe all the safety protocols to avoid infection. Ensure that you observe social distancing, wear your face mask and maintain sanitary condition at all times.

This way, we are very sure that with the Almighty with us, we will win the battle.

Again, thank you for being there.

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