October 1, 2023

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Still Waiting For Wike’s Favourite Presidential Candidate

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With a little more than two weeks to the presidential election, the governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, is yet to sum up the courage to announce his preferred presidential candidate. This runs contrary to his earlier promise, in December last year, that he was going to make public, the candidate he and his four other colleague governors who belong to the now infamous G5 would support on February 25.




Last week, there were speculations that Wike had already given a directive, in camera, to his henchmen in Rivers State to work for the APC presidential candidate, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Till date, neither Wike nor any of his aides have come out to deny the insinuations.
Before now, there have also been speculations that Wike’s group was going to support the Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi. Again, Wike did not confirm or deny.


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The same last week, a former governorship candidate of the APC, Dakuku Peterside, challenged Wike to make a public announcement on the matter. It is either Wike did not hear the challenge or he does not have the muscle to so do.





From the look of things, it does appear that those who have been waiting to hear Wike’s announcement may have to wait forever. Wike does not look ready, or courageous enough, to make a pronouncement on his decision to commit anti-party blunder and also encourage his people to do so.



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The Rivers State governor has always presented himself as a fearless man. He has always wanted the world to see him as a man of his words. But he has failed in these areas. His inability to keep the promise he made last year has shown that he is not a man of his words, afterall. It also shows that he is not as courageous as he had always wanted people to believe.





We do not think this is very good for his political image. The true test of a man is what he does in times like this. Any man who cannot keep his words is not worth a piece of tissue paper. To keep boasting for months about how he would dare the PDP leadership only to go quiet about it when it mattered most, is to say the least, very disappointing and unbecoming of a man that thousands of people hold, or used to hold in high esteem.


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We therefore challenge Wike to be a man. He should first of apologise to Rivers people, his followers in the PDP and Nigerians who used to take his threats seriously, that he had goofed and disappointed them.




Thereafter, he should hasten to redeem whatever is left of his battered image to make a pronouncement. Wike cannot keep everybody guessing forever. He must speak up as promised. He must locate wherever he misplaced the carcasses of his courage, retrieve them and then address a world press conference to announce his preferred presidential candidate. This is how to be a man.

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