June 13, 2024

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South-South Ministers Have Failed Us -MOSIEND

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A pan Niger Delta group, the Movement for the Survival of Izon Ethnic Nationality in Niger Delta, MOSIEND, has blamed ministers from south-south for the region’s underdevelopment.
The group urged the people of the Niger Delta to hold federal government appointees from the region responsible for the development situation in the last six years.
MOSIEND specifically blamed the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre Sylva; Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio, the Minister for Transportation, Chief Chibuike Amaechi, as well as other political office holders for the region’s woes.
According to them, “the Niger Delta region and its people have not directly or indirectly felt the impact of their representation and stewardship at the center of governance in the country.”
The group lamented that the region has suffered developmental setback since the Buhari administration took over in 2015, accusing federal appointees from the region of doing nothing to attract development to their own part of the country, which they said, makes the largest contribution to the national purse.
This was contained in a statement issued by its National Mobilization Officer, Alhaji Abubakar Amaigo Brown. According to the statement, “it is highly regrettable that six years into the administration of President Mohammadu Buhari, no Federal government appointee from the region, under the current dispensation, has used his privileged office to initiate and complete any meaningful project for the Niger Delta People.
“Our kinsmen who are privileged to be at the corridors of power under the Buhari government have failed us, we are disappointed by their insensitive disposition to the plight of the region, they’re definitely not representing the interest and people of the region.
“How many of the serving ministers have approached Mr. President to suggest ways and means of implementing the 16-point agenda presented to the president since 2016 by PANDEF and traditional rulers in the region?
” What extra efforts have they made towards addressing some of the fundamental issues in the region where socio-economic development has remained on a standstill in the last six years?
“We however acknowledge efforts made by former Minister of State for Petroleum Resources Dr Ibe Kachikwu, who rallied round key stakeholders to galvanize support from groups like PANDEF, Youth groups and elders of the region to intervene and douse tension amid renewed threats by the Avengers to destabilize the region.”
Brown attributed the deteriorating insecurity situation in the region, unemployment, disquiet and disaffection in the Niger Delta to lack of synergy, unity of purpose and lack of capacity by those representing the region in the federal executive council.
The group lamented that “it is unfortunate that Niger Delta Ministers under Buhari government are not good politicians, and that’s why their supporters can defect in droves, how come their ardent supporters are so hungry and looking ragtag


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“Meanwhile, their counterparts from other regions especially in the North and West have held several joint conferences, summits and strategic engagements across party divides to collectively address their situations. Unfortunately, ours are positioned in a daggers drawn posture.
“MOSIEND wonders why the current crop of Ministers who performed well as Governors in their respective States in the Niger Delta are now finding it difficult to influence development to the region with their current portfolios in the Federal Executive Council.
“Nearly two years to the expiration of this government, it is beginning to tell on us that we are at the receiving end. Nothing is working, nothing tangible has been achieved. How can we move forward when our supposed leaders at the center, in the same party cannot be united for party sake, nor for the sake of fulfilling regional aspirations to make a difference.
“Indeed, the Hausas and Yorubas are better politicians when compared to our people. The Hausa’s and Yoruba’s are never divided when it comes to regional development, they will set pride aside, bury their hatchet and tackle their common problems head on, ours is the direct opposite”, the statement adds.
“We are deeply worried by the endless maltreatment meted on Federal civil servants from Niger Delta in the various Ministries and Parastatals. The bitter truth is that we are, indeed the architect of our undoing. We urge them to have a rethink and change their attitude towards their people and region, the administration is gradually winding down and they will come back home.”
The group further urged political actors in the region to “try and sheath their sword, money, power and fame are all vanity! this “pepper them” disposition and deep hatred for the people and development of the region should be jettisoned at all cost, power is transient.”
MOSIEND appealed that, “going forward, if any of the leaders are betrayed or offended by the attitude of their kinsmen in the region, MOSIEND is using this avenue to sue for peace amongst the people and the political actors. let’s learn to forgive one another.
“The Niger Delta Region is in dire need of unity, peace and development, MOSIEND is appealing to our Honourable Ministers, Governors and appointees in power to let go of ego, unhealthy political rivalry and sentiments in a bid to close ranks, compare notes and start laying the foundation for industrialization outside oil and Gas in the Region.”

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