March 1, 2024

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See What School Proprietor Is Doing In PH

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Edith Chuku

There have been growing concerns over the learning condition of students in Ama Arts and Science College, a private school owned by one Mr. Ama Inyama, a supposed graduate of accountancy from the University of Uyo.

The school, situated at Rumuodunwere in Elelenwo Clan of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, has continued to generate ripples following its deplorable state and uncondusive learning environment.

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During TNN’s visit to the school, it was almost impossible waiting for the proprietor who was not on seat as at the time of visit that morning. The awful smell oozing from stagnant water, refuse dumps and the unkempt classrooms made the environment discomforting.

It’s a wonder how students and their teachers cope in such learning environment, especially during the rainy season like this. Though not worse than most government owned schools, Ama Arts and Science College, whose roof is attached to an old fence is usually flooded when it rains, as nearly the entire roof leaks heavily.

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Speaking with TNN in an exclusive interview, the proprietor said “with due respect, I value the law of Rivers State, rather it’s the information that primary five to write common entrance should be ready, so that they can be able to write exam, that is all.

“This is a school, even though the school is just this way, actually carpenter is around today to arrange the school well so that to enable me to start the school when school is start.

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“Not long, this January precisely my school was at the main road so after the desembolish of the main road, that’s why I had to pack down to this side, when we came down here lock down start, that’s all(sic).

“I don’t have students, I don’t have students, many students have left, run away from school because it’s a long distance. I thank God because right now no school, so this period I want to do the place well so students will learn when school resumes.

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Speaking of the stagnant water, he said “when the rain falls, that’s when we have water, just small time, the thing dries off. Children left because of distance, not the school, where we were before, distance.

“That time they said all the private school should register, I made effort to do that so because of this lockdown that’s why I seize everything, I made effort to do that, to register the school but because of the lockdown, everything suspended.

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“It’s just for primary five to write exam, common entrance. That’s why students have not come again since that time school stopped. I know that they said primary five, and J.S three and S.S three to go to school because of exams that’s why I said okay primary five should come but since then they have stopped.

“That’s what I’m saying I have bring carpenter to come and work the environment well, that’s why you see me with zinc, I went to buy new zinc, so that, I brought carpenter to come today, the carpenter is around, he is coming.

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“That’s what I’m saying, while there was no money that time, but now I’m trying to get small, small money so that I can bring the carpenter. The carpenter will do the roof and set the school well. I’ve forgotten the date when the school resumed, when I packed from that side come here, but we started January, I relocated from the express road, that was when I came down here.

“The work is on, you see the block for me to build the school, the work is not stop, the work is continue. It’s old blocks I bought from somebody actually, I made efforts to register the school but because of the lock down that’s why I didn’t do anything.

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“my good, my honourable, my chief and my Eze came and saw me and said that I should try and arrange the place well, before I can now come to learn, for the students, I said I will do that sir but right now I am trying to arrange myself so I can do the place well.

“The teachers here depends how many children I have, I have four teachers but they are not around, they travelled out, I am the one managing the school, I studied Accountancy in UNIUYO and graduated in 2001.”



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