July 13, 2024

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Run, Jonathan Run –Ijaw Leaders

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A Pan Niger Delta group, the Movement for the Survival of Izon Ethnic Nationality in Niger Delta, MOSIEND, has said that the former president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the only person capable of stabilizing the country and has urged him to contest the 2023 presidential election.

National Secretary of the movement, Ambassador Amain Wiston Cottrell said, “Jonathan is the only option to stabilize Nigeria; the Jonathan ticket is the biggest card to continue APC government beyond 2023.”

Niger Delta Lifeline Of Nigerian Economy -16 Brigade Commander

The group said Jonathan’s competence to handle Nigeria problems more effectively and efficiently was not in doubt, even as they posited that he stood tall with unmatched track record, compared to those vying for the office.

The group specifically commended those clamouring for the former president to throw his hat in the ring, even as they urged those in the South-South region, Niger Delta, and Nigeria at large to support the move.

Niger Delta Lifeline Of Nigerian Economy -16 Brigade Commander

“We commend our brothers from the northern part of the country calling for the former president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR to throw his hat into the ring to contest the 2023 presidential elections. It is a commendable one.

“Having carefully considered the profiles of the calibre of men and women who have indicated interest to contest the presidential election of 2023 vis- a-vis president and the need to choose a credible, transparent and experienced candidate who understand the multifarious problem of the country with the capacity, discipline, focus and temperament to manage and address the situation while still taking the country out of the socio-economic depression, healing the wounds regional and inter-ethnic dissatisfaction and religious rivalry, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan stands tall with unmatched track record.

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“In our view, the former president is not one who is power hungry, the whole world knows that Dr. Jonathan is not desperate about coming back, hence, he will be a bit reluctant in accepting this onerous task. Of course Jonathan’s competence to handle Nigeria problems more effectively and efficiently is not in doubt, he is not new in that environment, he was focused and steadily fulfilling his vision and agenda for the country before the interruption and will get things done before any other candidate.

“To this wise, having extensively consulted far and wide with community youth leaders and critical ethnic nationality stakeholders in the region, we have their consent to call on the former president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to accept the clarion call by Nigerians to contest the 2023 election. It is obvious that while as human we have our plans and dreams about the country, God also have His plans to advance Nigeria as well. God is not finished with Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan concerning the leadership of our great country yet.

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The Niger Delta group further urged the immediate past president not to contemplate coming back to the region if he turndown the call of the Nigerian masses, stressing that, “the situation in Nigerian is worsening by the day and requires somebody with wealth of experience, detribalised and uncommon leadership attributes to fix the challenges. Nigerian can’t afford to misuse this opportunity to stabilize the country. Jonathan has been there; he has a clear roadmap to bail us from this quagmire we find ourselves.”

MOSIEND national secretary finally appealed to ministers, governors, others, across party divide, aspiring for the presidential seat to draw wisdom from Sen. Bala Mohammed’s decision to step down if Jonathan finally decide to contest, adding that, “Jonathan’s return will usher in a unity government.”

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