February 22, 2024

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Robbery Gang Raids Home In Calabar For Two Hours, Victim Hospitalized

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Godwin AJOM, Calabar


TNN has confirmed that an 18- man robbery gang invaded No 55 Ebito-Mayne Avenue in Calabar, in the early hours of Saturday, April 2, 2022, on an 18- seater bus, around 2am, carting away phones, laptops, cash, television sets and ATM cards from their victims.

Victims are currently in severe shock and fear, as one of the victims who had to jump from a storey building for escape has been hospitalized. The Nigerian police, Uwanse division, where the victims reported the attack, have visited the area to assess the level of the attack. Sources explained that some of the female victims were almost rapped during the attack that lasted for more than two hours.

“They came in an 18- seater bus, well armed. They ran riot for over two hours from 2am. They took away seven phones, three apple laptops, over N130,000 cash, TV sets, six ATM cards and food stuff. They left the house almost empty.

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“Urgent steps must be taken as soon as possible to crack down on these criminals who run riot on helpless and innocent citizens without any interference by the security agencies. At this point the government and security agencies in that part of the state have to do something, something very urgent to nip this ugly situation in the bud.

“I am calling on the Cross River State Government to do something about this ugly situation in the state capital. I’m also calling on the security agencies to step up their game in securing our state and its citizens. The primary responsibility of government is to protect lives and property and this they must do.

“It was an insider who arranged that robbery, there are very big buildings around that area but the gang targeted that particular one, which makes it very suspicious. And at the entrance of the house there is a strong iron door, but they did not lock it.

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“The gang members climbed into the building through a ladder and carried out the raid. The male victim had to jump down from the storey building, when he heard them say that he should be kidnapped for a huge ransom.

“One of the gang members was masked, while others weren’t. The male victim is currently at an undisclosed medical facility due to the height he jumped down from the storey building last night,” one of the residents explained.

But the state police image maker, Irene Ugbo has said she was yet to be informed of the case.
“You are just telling me now, the report has not reached my desk, but I will enquire into the report immediately,” she said

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