July 25, 2021

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Rivers Resident Decries Security Threat

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Residents of the T.J Drive Estate along the Eneka-Rumunduru road in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State have raised the alarm over the state of insecurity in the area, calling on security operatives to help out.

The call was made following an unsuccessful attempt by criminals to break into his house in the early hours of Friday, August 23, 2019.

A man who identified himself as Mr. Charles Ogene told TNN that for years now, the area has been a dead zone. He said that some group of boys harass, rob, rape and molest harmless residents and passersby, while walking or driving through the path.

Charles recounted an incident that happened when a family friend visited. He said“Just a few days ago, around 7:29 pm, a family friend of ours that visited was driving off, you know how rough this road is, she said while she was driving, she did not wind down, three guys just blocked her, opened and entered the car and ordered her to continue driving”.

“We were believing she was home not knowing that there was trouble; her husband called later on, that he couldn’t get through to her. That was when my wife screamed, we were afraid, what are we going to tell the man? Your wife came to our place and didn’t return, we feared that she might have been kidnapped”.

“I and my wife decided to walk through the street but there was no strange movement, the place is not even safe; so asking people will make matters worse. We went home and waited, my wife’s phone rang and she narrated that they took her to the ATM and made a huge withdrawal, thank God there was limit to how much she could withdraw in a day, after the withdrawal they left her.”

Charles said that not too long ago, a certain woman in the same estate was kidnapped and her husband was made to pay millions of naira for her release.

He added that the issue of kidnap and robbery in the area was assuming a serious dimension, hence the need for security operatives to step in.

“I don’t know how this is going but this area is really not safe, I must say. It is even bad for you to be driving through this path late or too early. Yes, there is a security gate but it has not really made the area safe enough.”

“I don’t really know what they were coming for, or who but I must say that the noise last night was terribly scary”.

Speaking on the development, the Rivers State police public relations officer, (PPRO), Nnamdi Omoni advised residents to make it a point of duty to always report cases that involve threat to life, property and security to the police immediately.

Nnamdi who spoke over the telephone said “it’s not enough that an incident happens and they don’t report to the police. We can’t comment on incidents that was not reported to the police, most of them prefer to negotiate with kidnapers and pay ransom without bringing in the police, especially when they get a threats that they shouldn’t involve the police otherwise they will kill the victim and they will do this thing behind us and if it’s that way, we will not know and we will not be able to make any representation.”

“We are appealing to residents to always inform the police once they notice any suspicious movement that could depict threat to security or pose insecurity in their area, it’s very disappointing that people take such risk of taking security related matters such as this upon themselves.”

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