March 5, 2024

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Rivers LG Polls: I Am Confident Eke Will Return -Youth Leader

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For some members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, the chairman of Obio/ Akpor Local Government, Solomon Eke has performed poorly and does not deserve a second term. But, for the likes of the Woji clan youth president, Chioma Kingsley Worlu, Eke has done excellently well and deserves a second term.
In this interview with EDITH CHUKU, contrary to the 30 per cent a one-time vice chairman of the party in ward 14 rated Eke’s performance, the youth leader believes otherwise.


You have remained a strong supporter of Mr Solomon Eke. How do you rate his performance so far?
Solomon Eke based on a ratio of 100, I think I will give him 80 per cent.

For some party members, it’s 30 per cent or less, what have you seen that they aren’t seeing?
Actually, in a political circle like this, that is how it use to be, everybody must not see things from the same perspective. From my own angle, why I rated him 80 per cent is because he has done marvellously well.

In what areas in particular?
The educational sector, human capital development, and infrastructure, he has done marvellously well and the other persons or people that say he has not done well, Solomon Eke might not be their sole candidate initially. So, there is nothing the young man will want to do that will impress them. So, that hatred will always surface when things come up like this. I see it from that angle.

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With all you have said, do you think he deserves a second term?
Yes, for sure, 100 per cent, he deserves a second term. If you ask me, by my rating and by my assessment, he deserves a second tenure.

Do you see him winning, considering the disapproval from some stakeholders of the party?
His chances are bright, that’s why I said his performance 80 per cent and the victory aspect of it is 90 per cent because his project and the things he has done speak volume for him. It is not something that is on paper, it’s something that you see everywhere. You hardly go to a community that you cannot get his presence or his signature project there. Let me bring it down to a ward. There is hardly a ward you will go, 17 wards that we have in this LGA, that you will not see his presence not to talk about communities. So, his chances are bright, and I am confident that he will win this forth coming election on the 17th of April.

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Don’t you feel threatened by the calibre of your party stakeholders who are against his return for reasons of non performance? Don’t you see that as a threat to his victory?
Yes, there must be a disagreement to agree, we must disagree to agree. You know in every house, everybody will have their own diverse view, but what is paramount is that once the party decides this is what they want and this is how they want it, we will have to follow the party. That is how it is been done.

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