July 19, 2024

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Rivers Councillor Tasks Group To Sustain Tempo In Activism

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The councillor representing Ward 10 in Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State Patience Ikiroma-Owiye, has commended a human rights organisation, Centre For Basic Rights, for their contributions in the fight against gender based violence against women, among others.
According to her, violence against women and girls has become a global disease that must be tackled immediately; hence, all hands must be on deck.
She applauded the human rights group for her commitment in identifying violations and employing her resources and time to seek justice for the abused, as well as ensuring that perpetrators are brought to book.
The councillor wailed over the increasing incessant cases of rape, abuse, kidnap, killings for ritual purposes, urging eye-witnesses and victims of such inhuman act to seek justice by first, speaking out.
Ikiroma-Owiye described the formation of Centre For Basic Rights, as timely, noting that since its establishment, victims of different kinds of violence have began to wail or justice.
Speaking with TNN in an exclusive interview, Ikiroma-Owiye, who is the first female councillor in the ward said “Centre For Basic Rights has brought hope to so many, especially those women and girls who were sexually abused.
“Some women, young girls are facing more, enduring more than can be explained. A man sexually abuses his own daughters, the wife is fully aware of it, yet says nothing, does nothing to bring such devilish act to halt, and when the man is arrested, he calls it the devil’s work.
“Rape cases are endless, every day you hear these ugly stories and it keeps getting worse. Women are sexually assaulted, raped, and some loss their lives in the process. It’s really devastating, I keep wondering how victims of these violence and their families cope through this.
“We have to speak out; groups, individuals, organisations, professional bodies, leaders, law enforcement agency, together we have to say no, capital no to these vices in every means possible. It could be anyone, our relatives, neighbours, it’s time to address this issue for the sake of the future.”

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