October 19, 2021

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Residents Flee Homes As Flood Ravages Rivers Community

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While the persistent rain fall, residents of Rumuapu in the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State have abandoned their homes and businesses, as their homes remain flooded.
Recently, a plea was made to the Rivers State government, urging the governor, Nyesom Wike to proffer solution to the continued flooding in the area. Most residents who expressed sadness over the damage caused by the rain, frowned on the liaise-affaire attitude and inability of the state government to come to their rescue.
When TNN visited the area on Sunday after the heavy down pour, the flood had already covered most shops and houses between the Read hotel opposite Jehovah’s Witness church and the former Rukpokwu market.
TNN learnt that the flood was as a result of the canal, which residents said was full to the brim and needed evacuation.
Mr Azubuike Onu, an indigene who spoke to TNN lamented the effect of the flood. According to him; “ this flood issue is very worrisome, this is not the first time and it will not be the last. Every year, we keep lamenting of flood, yet nobody is bothered about providing a lasting solution that will help put this situation to a stop.
“You see, this one is my elder brother’s shop. These three, as this rain is disturbing them, they are not selling, the man that owns(rented) this very shop I heard that he left and he is owing, he said he will use the money he is owing to fix his things that water spoilt and that’s true. Government should help us, Wike should help us.
“As this flood is doing like this, that is how it is carrying snakes from that place into people’s houses. This thing is not good, they should help, that is all I can say.”
Also, Mrs. Ngozi Worlu, a seamstress who, though not affected, also obliged to spoke with TNN. She said “I thank God that here I am is up, so as the water is coming, it is going down, it is those people that are affected by the water, but I will still say that if there is anything (you people) can do to help all of us, it will be good.
“The water is coming from the burrow pit, it is full. So, as it is raining like this, that is how the water is entering people’s houses and shop; so make government help us, this is where we feed from and train our children, they should help us.
Further, an elder spokesman from Rukpokwu, who gave his name as Mr. Chima Nwonda, has urged Wike to come to their aid.
Nwonda noted that apart from their tenants vacating, the community did not want to experience any sad story of someone drowning because of the flood.
“While I won’t want to say much so they won’t accuse me of witch-hunting anyone, we are in a state that saying the truth has been equalled to witch-hunting, so all I want to say is that the Rivers State governor should help us.

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