July 19, 2024

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Questioning PDP’s Justification To Set Agenda For David Lyon

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It is not in doubt that the Nigerian Constitution guarantees freedom of expression. The essence of it is welcomed but the increasing expression with the view of setting agenda for the incoming All Progressives Congress (APC) led government in Bayelsa state is quite surprising and becoming worrisome. More particularly, it piles an unnecessary pressure on the incoming government. Secondly, it presents the government to be without direction even though government should and must be participatory.
The above view is deposited particularly because all those persons who have automatically become consultants and paper tiggers had been around but their voices were not aloud while the so-called Restoration Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government reigned for the past eight years. This brings to question; when did these persons suddenly realize their freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution?
In the past, only a handful of educated elites spearheaded the course of the masses that led to independence for Nigerians and other African countries. In those days, these few educated elites in Africa were less than a thousand persons. Whereas, since the restoration government of Hon. Seriake Dickson has been holding sway, the Niger Delta University has produced more than ten thousand elites of Bayelsa origin while, in the same vein, the Izon Nation can boast of over two hundred and fifty thousand educated elites.
Suddenly, what we now witness are paper tiggers and self-acclaimed consultants to the incoming government.
Is this, perhaps, the educational value of Bayelsans which might just be manifesting positively with the coming of Chief David Lyon and Senator Biobarakuma Degi led APC government? Or could their silence under the PDP government be liken to an expression of cowardice or hypocrisy just to service the ‘stomarch infrastructure.’ This development recorded from the educated elites makes our degrees and certificates mere portraits hanged on the walls of our sitting rooms and nothing more or less under the Dickson administration.
That aside, were these radio warriors, paper tiggers and self-imposed consultants who are now setting agenda for the incoming government of David Lyon and his deputy, Degi, sleeping all these while and only woke up from their slumber?
Surprisingly, they equally advocate that the PDP restoration government under governor Dickson has done its best and that the APC led incoming government led by Chief Lyon should come and do her part. Certainly, the incoming government will definitely do hers but it should be given free hands to function. Therefore, the unnecessary pressures piling up is uncalled-for. The numerous agenda put further via television, radio and newspapers by these uninvited advisers is shocking.
Indeed, it is not surprising that the expectation of Bayelsans towards the incoming government of the APC is very high. This ought not to be so if only those who have suddenly turned professional advisors to the incoming government had been alive to their responsibilities during the eight years of the restoration government as they now pretend to be.
This brings to bear the reason why the incoming government of Chief David Lyon should be allowed to do her bit. The incoming governor and his team do not need any advice from members of the outgoing government that told Bayelsans that N300 billion has been expended on road construction in the state for the past eight years when in the real sense of it, forty-five kilometers worth of road was not achieved.
To be candidate, a government that could not provide potable water for eight years, unable to install gas turbine or oil mill plant, abandoned the Glory Drive road and the Tower Hotel, made insecurity Bayelsa’s trade mark, debased workers and crumbled almost every sector of government in the state can not turn itself overnight to be special adviser or pacesetter to the incoming government. This is, in all ramifications, unacceptable.
In the past eight years, governance was nothing to write home about. However, I commend the likes of Hon. Fred Agbedi and Hon. Tari Porri, who, being possessed by the Izon spirit, cried out against the ills of the restoration government especially what is going on in the education sector even though they were members of the peoples democratic party. Surprisingly, it is now in certain quarters that the incoming government is being called upon to declare true state of emergency on education. What a life style of the Izon man in this twenty-first century.
Again, they are suddenly calling on the incoming government Chief David Lyon to exploit the advantage of the APC at the centre to fast track development in Bayelsa state. The question is when did they realize the merits there in? At this point, it is the Bayelsan masses that should be really thanked because it is they that clamoured for and jettisoned PDP for the APC. Meanwhile, the educated elites were in their comfort zones and their advocacies on the need for the state to be on same page with the federal government were no where found.
Also, the Izon musical icons deserve commendation. Special thanks go to the likes of Barrister S. Smooth, Capt. S.S Yeri, Governor Akpoebi, Master Pereama Freetown, Bishop Alaboh Noah among others. They contributed positively to the emergence of the Next Level government in the state.
It is important to note that the all progressives congress as a party is ready to cause a change positive in Bayelsa state. We are ready for governance and the party knows the need for continuity in governance. Bayelsans and the Izon Nation should continue to pray along with Alaboh Noah that had prayed and advised the incoming government, saying ” may the spirit of self-centredness and arrogance be far from Chief David Lyon and may the fear of God reign in his government.”
At this juncture, it is crystal clear that the first year of the APC government would be for corrective mission because Bayelsa has witnessed absence of governance in the true sense of it. That is why it is no longer news that many Bayelsan workers are yet to receive December salaries in January, 2020. This means some families must have forcefully postponed their Christmas and New Year celebrations as a result of a garnishee order from the law court on pending works executed by previous government.
The question begging for an answer is why fail to pay the persons in question for eight years even when they are due as noted by the court? This is indicative of the fact that the Dickson led restoration government is not tuned to the spirit of continuity in governance and a sign of unnecessary display of discrimination against the citizenry. This goes on to imply that the restoration government of Seriake Dickson lacks commitment to the welfare of Bayelsans. No wonder the governor of Rivers state, Barr. Nyesom Wike has openly challenged governor Dickson to prove his love for Bayelsans more than himself.
Leadership success is all about growing others. This best describes what the incoming government of the APC represents and chief David Lyon is quite aware of this. He does not need unnecessary pressure to do what he has already vowed to come and deliver to his people. I therefore urged Bayelsans to exercise patience with the incoming government rather than mounting inessential pressures on a government that is yet to assume office.
Going forward, it is worrisome that the restoration government has declined to cooperate with the transition committee of the incoming APC government, refusing to present financial documents to the committee which is led by a former deputy governor of the state, Chief Werenipre Seibarugu. The ugly development remains a smack on the Dickson led restoration government which claims to be finishing strong. This negates the Freedom of Information Act and the Transparency Legislation of Bayelsa state.
The refusal of the Dickson led outgoing administration to furnish the APC led transition committee financial details puts questions to the authenticity of the monthly transparency briefings that the restoration government had been conducting for the past eight years if not for the soul purpose of deceiving Bayelsans. This development is of the likelihood that the outgoing governor may be at large very soon; therefore suggesting that it is the Secretary to the State Government that may present the handover note at the end of the day since there is no law compelling the governor to present the document himself.
All the same, there is no doubt whatsoever that the incoming governor, Chief David Lyon, in collaboration with the leader of the APC in the state and Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre Sylva, with the support of the good people of Bayelsa state, will effect the development that Bayelsa and Bayelsans deserve. Already, the APC led government in waiting had attracted over N35 billion worth of project to the state via a motion moved by Senator Biobarakuma Degi even before he became deputy governor-elect. This is a clear indication that better days are ahead and Bayelsans should just compliment the incoming APC government by doing the needful; be law abiding, prayerful and be of sound morals.
Williams is a former member representing Sagbama Constituency 111 in the Bayelsa state House of Assembly, a stalwart of the APC and social commentator.

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