May 26, 2022

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Poor Road Projects: NDDC Contractors Cursed

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Contractors handling road projects for the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, have been pilloried for executing poor jobs across the region.
Those who seem to be more angry are residents of Eneka, particularly the link road to the former OPM. The OPM-Eneka link road which the NDDC constructed collapsed barely six weeks after the contractors left the site.
Speaking with TNN, a resident in the Paradise estate; Mr Abacha Kingsley called on the contractors to explain what they did on the road.
According to Kingsley, “this is unbelievable. It is a road that was manageable, a road everyone could access, in less than two months of its so called construction, it has gone worse. The contractors should come and tell us what exactly they did here.
“I am asking the NDDC to stop deceiving us, how can a normal human being construct a road without gutters, no drainage, how? Yet, so called trained contractors sent by NDDC did this nonsense, calling it road; shame on them, big shame on NDDC, shame on the company, shame on the people that did this road without asking questions and shame on those who jubilated over this road. Both NDDC and the contractors of this road are incompetent.
He added: “Please, ask them to come and return this road to its former state, they should undo what they did. Before they came here to waste our time in the name of construction, this road was better. They should come and return this road to its former state, and we will manage it like we were managing it before they came with their busy body.”
Still on the devastating road, Mrs. Paulina, a woman who deals on roasted plantain and yam popularly called “bole,” stated that she was the most affected by the road.
She said in pidgin English: “This road, we been dey manage am like that, then this potopoto (mud) no dey reach my shade and where customers dey sit down but now eh don worse, when eh rain, eh dey worry me to come out come sell. Na for rainy season like this we dey sell bole well, but because of the road, no way for people to cross come buy bole. Eh dey affect me and my market well, well, make government help us do this one.”
Also speaking with TNN, the president general of Obio/Akpor Local Government youth, in Rivers State, who is also the National youth council leader; Chimenem Bobo Worlu expressed displeasure over the state of the road.
Worlu who condemned the state of the newly rehabilitated G.U. Ake Link Road noted that apart from being impassable, shop owners were compelled to purchase blocks and create walk way that will enable customers patronize their business while others who could not bear the situation had vacated their shops.
According to him, “I am displeased and short of words but certainly, our voice must be heard. The recent condition of the Eneka -G.U Ake road down to the old OPM junction which was rehabilitated by NDDC in less than 50 days has gone worse than before.
“This is what I call mismanagement and waste of public funds, construction confusion and incompetency of project management by a contractor which results to absolute damages that poses threat to the life and vehicles of its users.
The youth president urged NDDC to carry out a site investigation on the said road before awarding it to any contractor. He also appealed to them to ensure the construction of drainage while working on the road to avoid immediate dilapidation.

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