October 28, 2021

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PH Serial Killer: Police Face Trial

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The police in Rivers State have come under attack following the delay in prosecuting the girls serial killer, Gracious David-West. Some residents of Port Harcourt believe that the police were pampering the suspected killer.
Some women who spoke with TNN on the issue frowned on the way and manner the matter was going. Ibifa Dominion, founder of Virgins Circle said in an interview with TNN that “David-West has made confessions, those statements should serve as a background, the police should feast on those statements and dig deeper.
“Since the arrest of David-West, all we hear in the news is he confessed he was going to Uyo to kill Uyo girls after killing Port Harcourt girls, he said he has killed 15 already not nine, he said he killed nine in Port Harcourt and six outside Port Harcourt, for goodness sake what does that solve?
“Innocent ladies lost their lives, their destinies wasted, their families shattered, now, there is a pointer and we are sitting on it, talking stories, dancing round an issue as heavy as this, who is interested with all that? if you media people have nothing to report then you shot down because these things are not news, you are conflicting issues, I expect the media to ask the police what next and not giving us soured meal, who cares?
Ibifa urged the police to investigate the matter, noting that there were more to it than the suspect claimed.
Also, Elder Ogili Samson from Ahoada Community said “I was surprised to see a killer receiving first class treatment given by the police. I felt worse when I heard that till today, no scratch is on his body?
“Is it that the police do not know their job, or they want to confirm if the young man is actually guilty or what? The girls that were killed, what happens to their family, have they been visited, will they be buried accordingly? Call them any name you like, to me, they are only victims of circumstances.”
Mrs. Chituru Okafor, member of the “Save The Girl Child foundation” who applauded the Rivers State police for the apprehension of David-West wondered why the police were yet to prosecute David-West.
She also appealed to the president of the Rotary club and other women body not to sleep over the issue but follow up to ensure that justice prevailed.

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