May 26, 2022

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PH Residents Beg Wike Again Over Nkpolu- Rumuigbo Road

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Some residents of Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, have again pleaded with the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike to intervene and undertake repair works on the dilapidated section of the East-West, Nkpolu-Rumuigbo road.
The natives who sent a save our soul message to Wike on the devastating, waterlogged Nkpolu-Rumuigbo junction decried the effect of the road on their businesses and property.
They told TNN in an interview that the state of the road had crippled their businesses, rendered many homeless. Speaking with TNN, Chief Emeka Odoemena, who owns a wood shop said “it is unfortunate that we truly do not have a government in Rivers State and Nigeria, we don’t; if we did, the story would have been different.
“The state of Nkpolu-Rumuigbo road is a clear definition of complete abandonment, and sincerely, we are doomed, seriously doomed. Businesses are on shut down, some have collapsed, churches, schools, properties, people’s source of livelihood, we have been displaced, yet they want me to believe that we have government in Nigeria.
“This matter has gone soar, it now itches the ears, it’s no longer interesting to talk about. Soon, people will be accustomed to it, when you beg somebody something, again, again, again, you keep reminding the person and the person shows no interest, even if what you are begging for is your own, you will surely get tired.
“I am not ignorant of the fact that to an extent, we contributed to this situation, yes, we did but the negligence from government towards helping us from this pitiable condition is unprecedented.
“I want to beg our amiable governor, indeed, he is working, Wike is working, we are begging him to please, help us, help his people, we feed our children, take care of our families from the proceeds we make from business, if we don’t train our children, we will be raising more hoodlums, if the president is not interested in our plight, please, governor Wike, help us.”
Reacting to the cost of transportation in the area, Mrs Ngozika Ovunda told TNN that the state of the road has not favoured its users in anyway. According to her, “the state of this road is full of disadvantages.”
“Now, if you are coming from Rumuokoro, let’s say going to Rumuosi, you will pay N50 to Nkpolu junction, they will drop you here, before this bridge, you will use your leg and walk across the monkey bridge to that side, then you will enter another taxi N100, So, instead of straight from Rumuokoro to Rumuosi and you pay N100, you will spend 150 and still walk and cross the bridge.”
Mrs. Ovunda who teaches in a school at Rumuosi added that the stress she encounters when going and returning from work because of the road was quite exhausting and discouraging.
Also, Mr. Nathan Williams who obliged to speak with TNN while some shied away wondered where the community had gone wrong to deserve such negligent from government over matter of such magnitude.
Nathan, noted that it was of utmost necessity to continually remind government of the people’s plight, regardless of her inaction.
Most persons who shied away during the interview described the effort as fruitless, assuring that neither the state nor federal government would blink over the publication or salvage the road which has remained a dead trap

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