December 8, 2023

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Performing With Mercy Chinwo Is A Dream Come True – Queen Eni

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Gospel artiste, Queen Eni has described her career in the music segment of the entertainment industry as a great calling and has vowed to use it as a platform to minister Christ to the world.
The Rivers State born talent and member of the Assemblies of God Church, who is also an undying fan of popular gospel music stunt, Mercy Chinwo, believes that music plays a key role in man’s existence.
In an interview with TNN she said “people are easily swayed by what they see and hear. The content we dish out, the lyrics, the beat, the way we appear, the dance and most importantly our attire when doing all of these affects our listeners, viewers tremendously, they term to react, act, their actions are mostly controlled by these.
“Watch girls that are glued to Zee World movies, check their relationship, their emotion, actions, you will know what they watch and hear. It is very pertinent that as gospel artistes, we portray that all round, in dressing, in character, in speech, in our lyrics, our kind of songs and how they are danced too.
“Music generally is a calling, yes, the question is, what are you planting into people’s lives with what you sing? Mercy Chinwo is my role model in the music industry, performing on stage with Mercy means a lot to my musical career; it’s like a dream come true, part of it though.
Describing Mercy as a legend, she added: “I love following Mercy Chinwo up because of her vocals; she has strength in her vocal, Mercy’s vocal, her kind of music and modest way of dressing is the attraction.
“In this era when dressing modestly, choosing the right lyrics, beats and dance steps no longer matter, especially for this generation, I feel inspired that a lady like Mercy Chinwo is living the mark.
“I hear people say, you for don blow if you do secular music but I know deep down that that is not true and again, it’s not my calling, I can’t do secular, funny enough, I am yet to release a single, yes, I haven’t released an official single but, it certainly can’t be anyhow by God’s grace.”

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