December 9, 2023

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OSPAC Commander Condemns Killing In Rivers Community

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Worried by the incessant killing of members of the disbanded local vigilante, the general commander of OSPAC, in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, Chief Emeka Wori has expressed dismay over the incident.

Wori while condemning the act urged his members to seek safety. According to him, “my name is Chief Emeka Wori, the general commander of OSPAC Emohua local government.

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“Well, for now I am not in a very good mode because I am not happy, I am talking about what happened, killing the son, later that night I have to receive another call that they’ve killed the father, you can see that in Ibaa community where we thought that all crime have come down and right now the thing is becoming another different thing, that where these boys will enter into the community, nobody will give an information to tell the OSPAC or the security that this is what is happening.

“I was at Ibaa, I left Ibaa around 5 to 6pm that day, it was a surprising thing that when I got to Port Harcourt around 9 o’clock that was when they called me that they’ve killed the father.

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“Right now I am appealing to Nigeria, more especially Emohua local government, because I can see what is happening here, I don’t know whether if I will say it is politician, the politicians they are aiding these boys, or I will say it is the community, Ibaa community they are the one aiding these boys, but what I am saying right now is that what has happened will not happen the same way again because you can see that when these boys came, they now asked their parents to leave their houses, you can see that, the father and mother all of them went away, that is to assure that their parents know exactly what is happening that they are coming to destroy the community and more especially to kill the OSPAC.

“The few places we went, just like the boy that is closer to the one that they killed here, the parents, all of them ran away, we cannot see anybody, the other person too, we cannot find anybody, that means they told their people they should leave but enough is enough, we cannot take this again from anybody.

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“My advice to my men is that they have to be very careful, that is my advice to my men, and right now I am telling each and everyone who is an OSPAC, who feel that he don’t want to protect his life or he don’t want to be very careful, this time around the music is no more the same again, and already, as I am talking with you right now I am in Ibaa community, telling all of them to be very, very careful and they should be cautious of whatever they are doing.”

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