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January 11, 2020

My dear Abi/Yakurr People,

It is with a heart of gratitude that I write to you today, wishing you the very best that this new year has in stock. My prayer is that you will continue to live in good health to enjoy the dividends of democracy that will be attracted to our constituency through me, your representative in the House of Representatives.
You are very well aware that during the last general elections, I was the only member of the opposition APC that won in the entire state. Each time I remember how you came out in your number to cast your vote for me and then stood still to defend the votes, I shed tears of joy, while also renewing my covenant of service to you.
Unfortunately, since after my election in February 2019, it has been one battle after the other. Those that believe it is their exclusive right to continue to dictate who leads us as a people have continued to fight, trying to take away the mandate of service you freely gave to me. They tried to stop me from winning the election, they failed.
When I was announced the winner, they moved to stop me from being given the certificate of return, they failed. They moved to the elections petition tribunal and bought a temporal victory, but because God did not sanction it, they still failed. It was unbelievable, that some people were already dreaming and preparing to go to Abuja for inauguration. It merely reminded me of what the Bible says, that the thief does not come except to steal, kill and destroy. But the good news is that Christ, the one we all serve and follow, will always come to give life. That life has been given to Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency in abundance. It is my belief that the ‘life’ freely given to us cannot be taken away by naysayers, no matter how hard they try.
The victory we secured at the court of appeal, against their wish, was an indication of how much God wants us to make progress as a people. God knows why he touched the heart of the court of appeal judges to give the judgement they gave, thus frustrating all the evil plots of those who do not wish us well.
If you are conversant with the Bible, you will recall that Joseph’s brothers did everything they could to destroy him because they wanted to frustrate God’s plans for him and the family. But God’s plans for his people cannot be scuttled by anybody.
Those who are fighting to take over the seat I now occupy on your behalf at the National Assembly are doing so in order to keep us in perpetual slavery and bondage. You know my antecedent and you are well aware that I am not like the politician next door. At the risk of sounding immodest, you know that I have an unwavering desire to deny myself of certain privileges in order to make you happy. Please prove me wrong publicly if I am deceiving you. Even our governor, Prof Ben Ayade attested to this. He made a public testimony on this recently. Believe me, it is too late for me to change.
I have dreams for you. I desire that by the time I am done with my four years in the House of Representatives, every part of our constituency will feel the impact of my representation. You will feel me individually and collectively.
Already, I have undertaken a census of all the projects that require critical federal government attention. I am not aware of anybody in this state or anywhere else, who has undertaken this kind of assessment, especially under this dispensation. You will recall that sometime last year, I brought some consultants and development experts who followed me round all parts of the constituency to ascertain critical projects that need to be executed for your benefit. I can gladly announce to you that most of those projects are already captured in the 2020 budget which was recently signed by the President, Muhammadu Buhari. My team will take follow up actions in all the ministries and parastatals to ensure that these projects are awarded and executed.
The bill for the establishment of a federal polytechnic in Abi Local Government, which I sponsored, has already gone through second reading. It is my hope that in no distant time, the bill will be passed by my colleagues and assented to by Mr President. I need not say the multiplier effects of that federal institution and what you and your children stand to gain in the days to come.
Only recently, I was able to attract the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, to our constituency for the purpose of donating relief materials to flood victims. As you are aware, on the day of the presentation, I also took the NEMA officials round some of parts of the constituency where I appealed for their assistance to our rice farmers, to enable them own a rice processing mill. This request is already receiving the federal government’s attention in Abuja.
Watch this space; in the days ahead, I will tell you more about what I have been able to do during this short period, despite the distractions.
I am assuring you that better days are ahead for us. I will only ask for your continued prayers because those people that do not wish us well are still fighting hard to deny you the right to democracy dividends.
I thank you for always standing by me. Rest assured, you will not regret.
From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you. You will hear from me again next week.

I remain yours

Hon. Alex Egbona, Ph.D
Deputy Chairman
House of Reps Committee on Petroleum

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