June 13, 2024

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On Harmonization Of The Gap Between Old APC Members And The New Decampees In APC CRS

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By Joseph Odok PhD Esq
APC Stakeholder CRS
Equity makes for inclusion of the interest of all and a true synergy is quite necessary to avoid imbalance between old and new members of APC CRS.
We are aware of the fact that most political appointees supported His Excellency Sir Benedict Ayade  and hence they were appointed into his government while he was in PDP.  It is also a fact that they have been enjoying the fruits of their loyalty which began while in PDP and now extends to them after defecting to  APC.
However while the new decampees to APC were in PDP with the Governor most of the old APC members were in the trenches, most spent their money, some went to prison, some lost jobs, some got impoverished, lots drained all they had in the process of keeping the party alive before the Governor’s defections with his team, some even died while carrying party’s assignment.
The structures of APC have been kept alive by the sweet of old members though we can’t deny the fact that the presence of new members have truly made CRS an APC State. Therefore, the new decampees must be more inclusive to balance the interest of old APC members with the rewards they have shared alone before joining APC to avoid bad blood and anti party.
 It is unfair to have it all while in PDP and come into APC to continue to enjoy  same privileges alone in an attempt to sideline the original sustainers of APC CRS by virtue of appointments and political offices the new decampees occupied in PDP before the defection.
 I guess one thing may not have been done right or  not adequately taken care of by the APC National leaders before the Governor’s defections. The lacuna is that there was  no adequate harmonization of interest to include the old APC members and their interest before handing the leadership of the party to the Governor.
Unfortunately the leaders of the old APC block are not doing much to help the harmonization process to include the interest of old members because most of them are solely after their interest and very ready to sacrifice the old members of APC to be in the Governor’s good books.
It will be a great deal of imbalance to build consideration for recognition in the leadership structure of APC CRS  on the basis of political offices or party positions occupied before defections of new PDP members to APC because it will give a bend towards recognition of only the new members to the near neglect of old members.
The governor should be appealed to, to fulfill his promise of 500 appointments to old APC members expeditiously to help fill the gap. Obviously, not all of us need appointment and I for instance don’t need any appointment from the State except there is a vacancy for Federal appointment. I speak solely for the sake of the need for balance and inclusion of old members of APC as a reward for their sacrifices before the Governor’s defections
APC CRS is a large crowd today that must be managed carefully to avoid implosion and anti party activities in the build up to 2023 elections. Politics is a game of interest and if interest of both old and new members is not well harmonized, there will be divisions that may rather weaken the party despite our numerical strength in CRS. Defections alone or large numbers in a party does not win elections. St. Vincent De Paul will always say that give me a small army of committed soldiers and I will defeat a crowd of uncommitted soldiers.
Harmonization of interest of old and new APC members in CRS is key in getting the needed commitment to win elections. Politics is the game of interest and members of a political party get more committed when each person’s interest is factored into the electoral gains of a political party.

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