September 27, 2023

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Oh Lord, Give Us This Day Senator Sandy Onor As Our Governor

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By Ori Owan


The caption above supplication mirrows the holy mind of an apparently aged, disenchanted and disillusioned Bindeghe-Ekiem rural woman (as well as other rural dwellers) whose primary health care centres were sacrificed on the altar of kleptomania. Her passionate prayers and conviction in Sandy Onor’s impending emergence leaves no iota of doubt in the total spiritualization and acceptance of Onor’s campaigns by the holy world. From the sidelines, this rural woman and thousands more of her ilks, clearly explains the profound love for this soldier of Christ.



Senator Professor Sandy Ojang Onor, gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), shall officially swing into action this morning,15th January 2023. His campaign team, like the game of soccer,is an assemblage of formidable, peaceful and responsible minds. No doubt, Sandy Onor remains the cynosure of all eyes and flagbearer of the PDP. Unarguably the most adept campaign team ever assembled in history of Cross River State, its astute political wizardry, coupled with Sandy Onor’s credibility and impressive dossier of performance as a senator leaves us emboldened and confident of imminent victory at the polls.


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Senator Onor is set with the requisite resources to prosecute the campaigns, with a view to relieving the state from the current leadership burden. Today, Professor Sandy will go all out with a formidable campaign team, to clinically heal the state from this perceived moral injury occasioned by Ben Ayade and his cohorts pAll Progressive Congress.



As a fact, the trinity prayers of any good politicians are; popularity, structures and logistics. Indeed, the PDP gubernatorial candidate enjoys these elements, which is a function of readiness and doggedness.
Elections have never been a tea party in Nigeria. Hence,Ben Ayade must throw in the towel and apply for forgiveness before the material hour,and in view of the seeming unreadiness of his anointed godson, accentuated by his lean resources and shallow understanding of the modern principles and dynamics of Nigeria’s electoral jurisprudence.


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Presently,the Police,Army, Civil Defence and the current judiciary have sat up with special interest to checkmate executive rascality and impunity. A police officer whose wife cannot buy salt at a cheaper rate in the market, due to hyper inflation would naturally be reluctant to rig elections this time, for the same persons who caused his predicament. A judicial officer whose courts are poorly ventilated, due to absence of modern facilities, is almost completely ready to do justice to the common man.


As the clock ticks gradually, preparatory to the prayer session today, needless to to say that God has ordained a leader in Sandy Onor, for the good of Cross River State.


Ori Owan writes from Calabar.

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