July 19, 2024

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Ogoni Set For Annual Festival

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The central Amanigbo of Ogoni has announced this year’s Nabiradee Amanikpo cultural festival.
The annual event which is due to begin this Thursday 22nd April will end on Thursday 29th April 2021.
A statement signed by the President Mr. Menenasanen Gboro Gade Bekee, the Chairman Gokana Amanikpo, Chief Badom Gbokpege, Chairman Ogoni Amanikpo Chief Menenaa Bakor , the Secretary Ogoni Chief Deede Faade and Chief Lucky Kormene secretary Gokana Amanikpo indicates that all members of organization from various communities in Ogoni will assemble by 8am at Mogho Town, the traditional headquarters of the Amanikpo cultural organization with their traditional requirements including Lokpo and Bulgim masquerades for formal opening and processions round the streets of Gokana.


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The statement warned that during the week long festival, no amanikpo members or masquerade should step on the major roads or other roads linking two communities.
Again, that the play should be observed within the confines of each community as any contrary moves will attract a stiffer penalties.
The statement however, invites members of the Public including Sons and Daughters of Ogoni to come home and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the Ogoni people

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