December 6, 2023

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Nigeria Still Has Graduates As Gatemen -Udom

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Godwin AJOM, Calabar


Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State, in company with Dr. Gabriel Susuan, has said that Nigeria is still one of the few countries that still has graduates from tertiary institutions, working as Gatemen in the country as a result of unemployment.

Udom said this on his brief visit to Calabar, where he consulted the party’s stakeholders and delegates, ahead of his preparations for the party’s primaries coming up next month.

I Want To Partner With God To Rescue Nigeria -Udom

“God’s gift to man is man and that man is Udom Emmanuel. God has answered Nigeria, and is in Udom Emmanuel, I offer myself to partner with God to rescue Nigeria. Today Nigeria needs a professional in leadership; and looking round, Udom Emmanuel qualifies to go, the antecedence are all there. We must rescue and restore Nigeria. In 2014 exchange rate was average, today it’s extreme. Nigeria is one of the fewest country where graduates are gatemen. We come believing that we have a message.

“Don’t allow anyone deceive you. It must be someone with a definite vision. Let Calabar return to its economic boom. We have a solution to security, we need sincerity, that’s all it takes. We need someone that will get policies right. We feel challenged. Hope in this country is gone. Payment of salaries is not diffidence of democracy. Give me Nigeria and I will restore. Any country that will wait for money to be shared, will remain in poverty. Posterity will question us if we don’t offer ourselves to serve and rescue Nigeria.

Dikio Delivering PAP’s Mandate With Little Resources, Says Sylva 

Responding, Venatius Ikem, the PDP state chairman said, “Some people say after Jonathan, why is south-south still aspiring, what about the south west who have had vice president and president repeatedly, are they better than us?”.

Also speaking Dr. Gabriel Susuan, former Benue state governor, said “This country had been runned by different leaders without being mindful of someone who understands and has economic knowledge and diversity to run this country, the current government has failed. Were we are in currency value is as fluctuating as anything. We must look for a creative, credible leader.

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