July 19, 2024

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Niger Delta Women Group Calls For Akpabio’s Resignation

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Women in the oil rich Niger Delta region, under the aegis of Niger Delta Women League NDWL, has called on the senate president, Sen. Godswill Akpabio to resign immediately.


The women group made this call following their grievance over the exorbitant cost of living, which they said have brought grave suffering on Nigerians.


NDLW noted this in a statement by the National President, Mrs. Sheila Abiye Tamuno, Rivers State co-ordinator, Ajemina Gobo, Bayelsa State co-ordinator, Madam Eureal Allagoa, Cross Rivers State co-ordinator, Elizabeth Moses Bassey, Imo State co-ordinator, Eucharia Ezidimma Ewurum.


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Others are, Edo State co-ordinator, Madam Isesele Francisca Ofure, Akwa Ibom State co-ordinator, Madam Unwana Ibanga, Ondo State co-ordinator, Madam Okubakere Ominisan, Delta State co-ordinator, Madam Happy Otojareri, Abia State co-ordinator, Madam Amarachi Lydia Clairebelle Ijezie, and the FCT co-ordinator, Amb. Ojineme Enakheme.


In the release titled, “The Urgent Need For Senator Godswill Akpabio To Resign With Immediate Effect And Save Our Democracy,” the women accused Akpabio of desecrating the hallowed chambers by allegedly adding insults to the economic injuries of the Nigerian man on the streets.


The statement reads as follows:


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“Given the prevailing economic hardship foisted on the common man, by an indiscretion fuel subsidy removal, without necessary measures on ground to cushion the adverse ripples therefrom, Akpabio’s unguarded statements comes wielding the gavel to seal a celebration of an elite 10th Senate over the sufferings of the masses.


“At a time when a litre of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) soars above #617, the dollar queerly sending the naira on a free fall, breaking all previous records and crossing the #1000 mark with no defense actions from the Central Bank of Nigeria, inflation is at a whooping 24%, electricity generation at an all-time low of less than 3,700MW, electricity tariff threatening another 50% increase thereby shooting cost of living beyond the reach of the Nigerian masses.


“With all economic indicators going through the roof, the Nigerian situation may soon be comparable with the great German depression of 1931.



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“With no purchasing power, value and even the right to basal living conditions and Akpabio feels it is the best time to  tell us how they are entitled to go on enjoyment spree off our National purse, while Nigerians are told to endure.


“We address the press today because Godswill Akpabio has desecrated the hallowed chambers by adding insults to the economic injuries of the Nigerian man on the streets. For a man like Akpabio that comes with so much baggage to the hallowed chambers, we ordinarily would have expected him to take a break from his chequered past.


“The same Akpabio who in the guise of supervising the NDDC forensic audit, rather used the period under review as a cover to heartlessly plunder the Commission and entire Niger Delta region to the tune of #1.4 Trillion Naira, using Akwa as sole Administrator. The same act, he committed without Senate approval amounting to extra-budgetary expenditure.



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“No wonder Akpabio made sure to frustrate every attempt to constitute the NDDC board for years after Ms Joy Nunieh exposed his kleptocratic high-handed tactics during a Senate hearing.


“For a man under investigation by anti-corruption agencies for multiple, mind blowing levels of sleaze, to be handed the sacred position of the President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a joke taken too far, making our dear Country a laughing stock to the International Community.


“As women, leaders and mothers of the Niger Delta, we think it’s high time we redeem the image of our region, from the unsavoury misconducts and shame that Akpabio embodies.


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“Going forward; It is our solid conviction that Akpabio does not understand the seriousness of the legislative business of the Senate Of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, hence he has elected to joke with the fate over three hundred million Nigerians.


“It is sufficiently clear that from his infamous “Let the poor breathe” misplaced joke to token has been sent to your bank accounts to enable you enjoy your vacation” Akpabio has inconsiderately and injuriously slammed the gavel on the head of every Nigerian. We are bleeding from his actions and he needs to leave before he kills us all.


“We call on H.E (Sen) Godswill Akpabio to honorably resign his position as President Of the Senate Of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and drop the gavel with immediate effect.




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“We call on the Distinguished Senators Of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, to stand up for the masses, band together in defense Of democracy and vote Akpabio out should he not agree to toe, the path of honor by resigning his office.


“In strict defense Of (3) and (4) above , we shall be mobilizing one million Niger Delta Women on the 26th September, 2023 to the gate Of the National Assembly to either thank the Senate or pressure them to do the needful.


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“As we continue to groan under the fangs Of the current economic woes in a our nation where families can no longer afford two square meals, skyrocketing cost of transportation, good health care services, bludgeoning electricity tariffs etc. we would not sit down and watch Akpabio sniff out the minutest hope of life through his unguarded acts of impunity and indiscretion. A stitch in time, saves nine.”

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