September 23, 2021

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New NACRISS President Talks Tough

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Awatt Anwakang, new president of the National Association of Cross River State Students (NACRISS) has been speaking on his agenda for students of the state origin. He told TNN in an interview that Cross River students would get into a new phase.
“My plan has always been to bring a new face to NACRISS. Cross River Students will have a new phase and we are putting all our majors on ground to make sure that we build a NACRISS that everybody will enjoy.
“Our plan for NACRISS is to make sure that students will have a voice that government cannot just come and influence but we will have a voice that the students will have their programmes.”
He dismissed claims that top government officials were responsible for his victory. He also said “what took place last week was just a students’ election and as far as I am concerned, it was just a little misunderstanding that existed between the electoral board secretary and the electoral board chairman that led to the postponement of the election.

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