May 18, 2021

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Ndigbo Should Shun COVID 19 Vaccine -OYC

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The Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC, has said that any Igbo person who takes the recently imported COVID-19 vaccine into the country, is on his own.
The body has sent a stern warning to Ndigbo, insisting that the vaccine must be certified by Igbo Scientists before distributing same to the people.
Speaking with TNN in an interview, national president, OYC, Igboayaka O. Igboayaka said “any Igbo person who takes it is on his own, because we have established a case, COVID-19 vaccine remains medically unsafe to Ndigbo until scientifically proven by Igbo medical experts.

He described the introduction of the vaccine as sudden, adding that the “introduction of the vaccine within a fraction of one year of Covid-19 pandemic as a suspicious move.”
The body had earlier, in a release queried, “how are you sure the vaccine brought to you is the same vaccine Europeans are using?”
He said, “the restriction of a particular vaccine to some European countries call for doubts, and why it should be brought down to African, Nigeria and Igbo land is a master conspiracy the conspirators have not unveiled to us, therefore COVID-19 vaccines remain medically unsafe to us until it’s proven by Igbo medical expert around the globe.”

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Igboayaka who urged Igbo leaders and Nigerians in general to ‘look before they leap’, stressed that any attempt, whatsoever by any government or organisation to compel Ndigbo to accept the said vaccine would in no doubts spring up scepticism among the race, as such, he pointed out, would not be treated with ‘a pinch of salt’.
“Any attempt to force Ndigbo by any government both local or international to take the vaccine will amount to our doubt about the vaccine and it will be a clear indication that there is a conspiracy from somewhere against our survival and multiplication.”

He stressed that Africa, particularly Nigeria recorded a low rate of the effect of the pandemic but wondered “why the vaccine is being circulated in African countries, with focus on Nigeria even more than the USA, Italy, China, UK, Canada, Germany and other parts of the European countries where the pandemic was prevalent.

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The comrade stressed that, “COVID-19 vaccine must be certified safe by indigenous Igbo medical scientist before such could be administered to any Igbo person. Covid19 vaccine that will be used by Ndigbo shouldn’t be certified medically safe by USA, Russia, China UK or Germany rather Germany, USA, UK, China and co should used the vaccines they certified while Africans/Igbos should use the vaccine they certified.
“Also, there must be a classified evidence that the vaccine they want an American to take must be evidently proven by our Igbo scientist that it’s the same vaccine they brought to Nigeria.”

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