December 3, 2021

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NDDC:Oshiomhole Warns Akpabio

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National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole is not happy with the minister for Niger Delta affairs over the minister’s handling of affairs at the Niger Delta Development Commission.
Akpabio has recently come under criticism for his alleged overbearing attitude on the interim management of the NDDC. He was even accused of trying to arm-twist the commission to make certain payments for jobs that were not properly executed.
Last week, Akpabio came under attack as some officials of the NDDC alleged that Akpabio had a hand in the controversial employment of 300 staff for the commission. It was learnt that while two of the people listed for the employment were direct members of the Akpabi family, about 58 others were also brought in by him.
Besides, Akpabio has also come under questioning in the area of payments made for water hyacinth contract. Sources said Akpabio had interest in the payment of about 100 contractors for the hyacinth job. Each of the contractors were paid about N2.7 million.
Some Niger Delta youths had stormed the Port Harcourt office of the commission last Friday when they heard that payment for the water hyacinth job which was supposed to get to them had been made but that they did not get the money.
They shut down the NDDC office for the entire day, in an effort to draw the attention of commission to their issue.
Akpabio is said to have blamed the interim management of the commission for not consulting her on the 300 job offers, but the acting managing director, Dr. Enyia Akwagaga, was said to have insisted that whatever she did had the blessing of the minister.
The minister, in an action that was meant to attract public commendation, had to suspend the recruitment exercise. But some officials of the commission have insisted that the entire processes should be cancelled and not suspended.
Developments in the NDDC, especially coming at a time that a new board is waiting to resume, is believed to have been a source of concern to Oshiomhole. A top party chieftain confided in TNN that the party chairman has warned Akpabio to be careful in his supervisory works at the commission.
In fact, Oshomhole was said to have warned that Akpabio should desist from taking serious actions in the NDDC at this time without clearance from the most senior elected representative of the party from the region and in consultation with him.
“Oshiomhole has warned Akapbio to be careful because the way he is going about his business in the NDDC is worrisome to everybody. He was told to seek clearance from teh deputy senate president, who is the most senior APC elected representative from the south-south. He cannot continue like this.
“A new board is going to resume very soon. So, all this things he is doing in the NDDC, the party chairman was a bit concerned and worried because some of the actions are becoming embarrassing, “the source said.
TNN called the minister’s chief press secretary, Mr Anietie Ekong about 4pm on Monday for comments on the allegations but he didn’t pick the call, neither did he return it.

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