March 5, 2024

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My Husband Should Love God, Not Just My Hips –Actress

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Roseline Stephen, fondly known as Chi Rose came into limelight after her role in the movie, City Of Jerusalem. The actress who is also an astounding gospel artiste might not be so popular by name, but her hips and exceptional character when playing roles like, gang leader and priestess describes her better.
The fast rising Nollywood star has featured in several movies including Scorned, Royal Magic, City Of Jerusalem, Kill and Bury, Political Gladiators, Mysterious Hotel, 21heads.
In this interview with EDITH CHUKU, she spoke of her relationship with men in the industry, her regrets, heartbreak among several other things.
Your hips are exceptional.
(Laughs) Thanks, just like yours.
Wow! Thanks, that’s a compliment I guess.
(Laughs) Edith, Edith, how many times did I call you?
What part of your body are men mostly attracted to?
My good heart (laughs). It’s part of my body abi? My face because I am always cheerful, my God given angelic voice people love and admire, my sociability, my sense of gratitude, and etc They know better. You know a man that is dancing can’t tell how well his waist shakes, those watching will tell.
Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the way people, especially men look at you, mostly in the industry?
(Laughs) uncomfortable, before? Maybe, but it doesn’t bother me, at least, not anymore, my hips just like my talent are gift from God, my creator, to him I owe all gratitude, He(God) knows why He gave me this size, (laughs). Men admire me, of course, they will, I am a woman.
What three major qualities do you pray for in your husband to be?
First, he must love God like nothing else matters. His love, fear and passion, genuinely for God and the things of God must be greater than his love for me and anyone or anything else. He must be someone that looks for and brings out the best in me. My husband- to- be will love me genuinely, not for my hips.
How have you been faring in the industry?
Wow! It’s been good, six to seven years now, I’ve been keeping on fine. It’s a dream come true, it means so much to me, my family and God that did put it in me and is making it a reality. It didn’t come so easily, no, it didn’t, from purchasing forms, auditioning, and several other challenges but I’m glad we’ve come this close.
In what areas would you say acting has added to your life?
In so many ways, to say but a few. I socialize better now. I am always very positive even when it looks impossible, I know how to put myself in people’s shoes, I’m more exposed, the way I see things now is quite different, it has also helped my prayer life, most of these roles are tough, spiritual, it takes prayer to keep you going, it has accorded me the privilege to inspire, encourage and advise those wanting to give up on something to keep pushing.
So far, do you have any regrets?
No. What I have is gratitude. I am grateful to God to have found my path and I know He is leading me through each step of the way.
What is your philosophy about life?
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, embrace your talent, skill, career, then purpose is achieved.
Can you act nude for 50 million?
No, absolutely no, I can’t, I can’t act nude for any reason, it’s against me, my belief, doctrine, upbringing, morally. I can’t.
Have you ever been heartbroken?
Yes, I have, worst was this year, when death snatched my dearest aunt and her husband from us.
Who are your role models in the industry?
Mercy Johnson, Angelia Okorie.
Which is your best movie, out of all the movies you have been featured in?
Well, all the movies I’ve been featured in have contributed in one way or to other to making me a better actress, like City Of Jerusalem, On My Honour, Scorned, My Story, Royal Magic, Kill and Bury, Political Gladiators, Mysterious Hotel, 21heads, and em, I no remember again o o o, (laughs), all of them have made me better.
What should we be expecting from you this year?
A better and bigger me to inspire you to become better and bigger in whatever you are doing.

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