May 26, 2022

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My Friends Discouraged Me From Marrying Because My Husband Was Poor -Prophetess

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Prophetess Beloved Greatness Ukeme in a bid to encourage single ladies to seek God’s will in marriage and appreciate the man regardless of his financial status, shared her experience with TNN.
Hear her.
My husband was highly condemned by my friends. He proposed to me in 2014. When I told my friends, they said he wasn’t cute, he had no money, he was not highly educated, could not dress, they said so much they pictured about him.
Most touching was when they reminded me I was coming from a poor home. They said how can I come out from a poor home and still marry poor, they called me crazy, yet deep down my spirit, I heard yes, and I knew it was the voice of God.
I was scared but my heart wasn’t. My friends were right in their physical assessment but there was more that they couldn’t see, I saw them, so I made up my mind, married him and started building with him.
He’s been more than I ever prayed, hoped and asked for, much more than you can imagine. We have the best home, I would have died in misery of wrong choice, remained single if I had followed my friends.
I’m his queen, he’s my lord. Ladies, stop waiting for Mr. rich plus Class plus Perfect, that’s Nolly and Bollywood movies; embrace that gift from God and grow with him, don’t feel he doesn’t fit into your spec or qualifications.

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