December 8, 2023

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My Experience In Relationships Inspired My Latest Single, Tori – Korlatune

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Rivers State based Music stunt, Kolawole Awoyemi popularly known by his stage stunning aka Korlatune has dropped the long awaited single, Tori, produced by TDA.
The dude, who is the producer and artiste at KMG entertainment, is notable for his comic way of dressing which he describes as his distinction and way of packaging himself to suit his kind of music.
While Tori seems to be taking the lead amidst his past releases, some fans believes that every word used in the track was his way of telling the true story of what he is facing in the industry.
Jakims Olalo an upcoming artist and a regular fan of his told TNN that, “One among the reasons I love Korlatune aside his crazy way of dressing is that his songs carries message. I am sure you have listened to tori? What he does with his songs is to convey message to the world and seek hope for the hopeless.
“It’s either hunger and suffer dey, corruption, killing or women wahala, I love the guy, talents like him needs to be properly harnessed, too bad he is in Nigeria.”
TNN was with the dude, Korlatune in a brief chat. According to him, “I am Kolawole Awoyemi aka Korlatune, I am from Osun State but based in Port Harcourt, I have been in the industry for 10years now, it’s been like swing, ups and downs.
“My major challenge in the industry is finance, everyone, almost everyone have this same challenge of finance, who signs me, right connections, good packaging, promotions, you know these are very common issues in the industry.
“Tori is one song that I did not right down, experience in life and relationship brought the lyric, it flowed without stress, struggling. My songs are centered on happenings, Tori telling. Tori is a freestyle I did, the producer sent the beat from outside Port Harcourt, I listened to it during a friend’s birthday party, I loved the tempo so I jumped into it the following day.
“I have joy when listening or performing Tori on stage but I think Egbami, my previous single has already made wave than Tori. The journey wasn’t easy, giving up was knocking at my left door and pushing on was on the right, I chose to walk through the right door, but honestly, eh no easy, I have true friends, fans, brothers that believe in what I carry, they kept encouraging me to keep pushing, amazingly, they love my style, so, with their encouragement of work hard, be prayerful, believe in yourself, move close to those ahead of you, all that worked for me and is still working, so I encourage upcoming to do same.”

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